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how hard is it? dont want to lose a bet

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Could be pretty tough.

Try a breakfast of black beans, spinach, and egg whites for two months. That's a start at least.
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IF you include exercise, and change your diet enough, shouldn't be too tough. I did about that, maybe more, in under two months several years back... Cut out soda, reduce beer (NOT going to say stop, I'm not insane you know), drink more water, and a few other things and you really could do it... I think the key is really to get a decent workout going. I hate treadmills, and most exercise machines, so I ended up just using the bike (at the gym)... Would go for 30-60 minutes there, getting a strong cardio workout.

You'll probably be miserable for the first week or two. Once you get past that, you'll be doing better...

Oh, if you put anything in your coffee in the morning (milk, sugar, etc.) change to drinking it black.
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I would probably stop drinking beer for that time.

For what it's worth I'm currently in a weight loss bet and do keep drinking beer, although I changed my preferred glass to a sampler glass instead of a pint. So far I'm down about 5% a week and a half in.

Also I have been exercising but not a huge amount. Like maybe running 3 miles every other day, although I managed to hurt my back this weekend so I haven't run since Saturday morning.

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I like the South Beach lost 25lbs (more than 10 percent) in about two months. I also cycle daily commute to work or on a trainer. I was able to keep it off through the winter even though I couldnt cycle as often. It is an easy diet for me to maintain on even with the amount of beer I put away on the weekends.
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I heard of someone dropping from 255 to 220 in a few days, roughly 14%, for a weigh-in and managed to gain back 30 of those pounds in 24 hours. So entirely possible to do if scale weight is you only concern. If daily performance and/or health is a concern it would certainly be more difficult.

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I would say it depends on what you are starting at. If you are bigger, its easier to lose weight. Diet and exercise are the way to go. You have to get into a routine of exercising to its gets the point you feel bad if you dont go. Make a food diary. Calorieking.com is good for nutritional info. The diary will really help you find places to cut the calories. Good luck
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Not hard, I have done it and am on that course right now. depends on what your starting weight is too, though.

I eat 6 times a day, and workout and am losing quickly. dropped 2 pants sizes so far!
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for me, late last summer, 35 pounds in six weeks (doctor documented 257 to 222lbs) by going on the Primal Blueprint (look it up) which involves cutting out all grains, starches, processed foods, legumes, bread, pasta, dairy, etc. Meat and green veggies, nuts, berries! My one concession was beer, but no more than two beers twice a week. I also amped up the exercise, cycling 30-60 miles a day at a moderate pace (15-20 mph) six days a week. marksdailyapple.com for more info on going Primal.

Edit: and I am 50, by the way; at 22 you ought to have the energy of.. well, a 22-year old!
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I started the south beach diet last week as I got about 20lbs I'm looking to lose before June. The first few days without any carbs was pretty rough, not to mention going without beer. Though I started to let myself have a half pint a day so long as I get in some snowshoeing or weights.

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