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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
Woot, now we can build craft beeramids, while camping. Of course it's gonna cost a little more.

They will probably sell it in goofy short/stubby/fat cans that defeat all can stacking or storage mechanisms that are otherwise abundant.
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Santa Fe Brewery has some beers in a can as well. They even talk about it being for hunting and fishing and stuff. However I bought a six pack of an Imperial coffee stout that was at 8% in a can! We got pretty tipsy that day catching fish.

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Excellent news. I can have some SN Pale next to my Buried Hatchet Stout in the can rack in my mini fridge.

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This is great. I had a chance to meet Ken Grossman about 2 weeks ago and he mentioned this. He said they still were working on developing a can that won't let any bad chemicals get into the beer. He said that even when they get their brand new kegs, it's a pain in the ass because they have to thoroughly clean it prior to filling it to make sure that it won't let out any sort of chemicals. He said that he would have rather gotten used kegs because they are easier to clean correctly.

Tangent: Sierra Nevada bottle conditioning is really interesting to me. Have you ever had a beer from the same homebrew batch with a little bit more or less carbonation than the other ones? It's probably because there is slightly more or less yeast in that bottle. Sierra Nevada uses open fermenters and open bottle carbonation. They filter out the initial yeast, then add a small controllable amount of yeast to each bottle. Then, they let it ferment for a little bit longer so that the CO2 is in the top of the bottle (CO2 weighs more than O2 obviously so the O2 is pushed out of the top of the bottle). Then the bottle is capped.

To be honest, this is a much more efficient way of preventing oxygen from getting into the beer. It's probably the most efficient way to remove any chance of oxygen getting into the beer.

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Sly Fox cans their Rt 113 IPA. I've sampled many and they are delicious, great for fishing.

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Great for backpacking! Once you get to camp, drink a beer and then build an alcohol stove out of it!

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Old 03-08-2011, 07:19 PM   #27
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Oh no, will someone 'shotgun' a SNPA?

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Old 03-08-2011, 08:30 PM   #28
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Hey if you're gonna shotgun a beer anyway...
Originally Posted by ReefkprZ View Post
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Cans are great for craft beer, woot Sierra Nevada! Now if you'd only can that Best Bitters you serve at your taproom...

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I welcome the can revolution!

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