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I did give you plenty of chances to avoid it you realize...
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Feb 2011
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If you want a real beast, get this puppy, and a compressor. You will never use electric again.

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Feb 2006
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These have never let me down with many hundreds of hours hard use, head porting mostly with a Powerstat.
At 20 years old with less plastic for stones and rotary files, manly tools vs the 4000 Dremel for light work; http://www.milwaukeetool.com/tools/m...e-grinder/5196
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Good for what ales you
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I have one of those Black and Decker RTXs, and used it mostly to trim my dogs toenails, with the occasional "real" use. I previously had a battery powered Dremel that was not up to the task for more than one dog. The Black and Decker did okay for a while, but its bearings seemed to go after not all that many hours of use. The motor still runs, but it has annoying vibration now. I now have a corded Dremel 1001, which is scary fast on the dogs toenails, and seems to be holding up better. It has worked well on odd jobs as well. We'll see how it holds up. Thus far, it looks like you get what you pay for.

I know dog toenails are not exactly a brewing use, but what use do you expect from a guy whose "handle" is ThreedogsNE!

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Mar 2010
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LOL after reading the OP!

I've had that B&D for over 10 years now, and my sentiments exactly. I love it!
Just remember that the more variety of discs/accessories, the better.
Do you have an air compressor and a die grinder? Or at least tried one out?
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Yup...got an air compressor because I "needed it" (at least that's what I told SWMBO )....knowing that a some point I'd do a few projects with a framing nailer, etc. I've seen some pretty nice impact wrenches and die grinders, etc. made by Kobalt.....my only thing is A)The noise (I often work on stuff when the kids are sleeping) and B) Having to fuss with the compressor.

I might get a pneumatic multitool set one of these days.....I've seen some awesome woodcarving done with a die grinder.

About the black and decker, I could totally be talking out of my a$$...but there's just something immediately recognizable about a tool when you feel the fit, finish, weight, and turn it on and actually use it. Sure, it could crap out in a few months, but it seems pretty good so far, especially for $30. FWIW, I have some of the "PowerStorm" tools they put out some years ago....I've done a LOT of stuff with those tools....about the only thing failing are the batteries....which is to be expected. Honestly, I think I'm gonna slowly replace all my tools with corded units. They're cheaper, WAY more powerful (my 12A drill almost broke my wrist), and let's face it....for general use, when do you not have 120V available?

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Dec 2007
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I have burned through a cheaper dremel from about 12 years ago, and one super cheapo that was my dads. I finally, did the right thing and got a Dremel 4000 series. It straight kicks ass.

Corded is the only way to go IMO.

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I got my first Dremel for Christmas this year, its the slightly smaller Dremel 300 model. It's probably not quite the beast that the Dremel 4000, but honestly I don't know how I went so long without it as part of my tool arsenal.

And ditto on the corded sentiment, sure the cord can be a little bit of a pain sometimes but there really isn't anything worse than running out of juice in the middle of a project. Even worse is when the tool tortures you slowly as it runs out of power!
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Feb 2006
small island paradise, the lost atoll
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Add a Dremel 150 piece "All-Purpose Accessory Kit to expand the useage of your Dremel 4000 or what model you already have.
The Dremel 395 was top dog years ago, I ported heads and intakes with a couple, returned a few while under warranty. Beat the snot out of them until they failed. Got wise and purchased a Milwaukee 1/4" die grinder this is a tool that eats metal. My business paid it off within a week.
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Has anyone used a Wel-Bilt rotory tool before? Saw this at Northern Tool and it looks like it could be a good deal.

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