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Nov 2010
renton, wa
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I have been kegging for about 4 months now. But there are times when I would like to bottle a few.

So if I have a beer that is carbonated already can I just pour from the tap into a bottle and cap it?

Will it go flat or retain carbonation after a week or two?

I would think this would be easier than having to sugar tablet prime all my bottles before kegging.

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Mar 2009
Newbury Park, CA
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see this thread

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Jun 2009
McKinney, TX
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You sure can. I think there are a few threads on the topic on this site, but basically you can just take your bottling wand and insert it into your tap faucet (or picinic faucet). Purge most of the gas out of your keg to reduce foaming, and fill your bottle. When you pull your wand out, there will be some headspace, so it is important to remove the bottling wand from the faucet and then fill the bottle the rest of the way so that foam comes out of the top. That will remove most if not all oxygen from the bottle. Cap immediately. The bottle should stay carbed for weeks or even months.
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Apr 2009
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If you make sure the bottle is very cold, you can try, but you still wind up with a lot of foam. If you've got a picnic tap laying around, I'd suggest the BierMuncher Bottle Filler (BMBF). The link is also stickied in this forum. Basically you plug a racking cane into a picnic tap and turn down your PSI. Stick a stopper on the racking cane and it allows you to keep the bottle slightly pressurized while you fill and the cane lets you add the beer at the bottom of the bottle.

Make sure your bottles are cold and fill them so that foam is coming out the top. If you seal them on the foam, they shouldn't oxidize and should last just as long as any other beer (years). I've been doing this with a few swing top bottles since I never bottled and never purchased a capper, works great!

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Nov 2009
Bowie Maryland
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If you are using Perlick 525/575 faucets, this ia easier.

If you are using Perlick 425 or Ventmatic faucets, contact this guy for a similar item.
Fat Toad Brewery

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