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Abita issued a cease and desist letter to a local guy who organizes pub crawls for charity. Abita trademarked the term "pub crawl" with the state and claim that they made the term known in Louisiana. I'd be pretty mad if they did this to another local brewery, but the fact they're doing it to a local charity makes it even worse. I sent Abita an email regarding my displeasure with what they're doing and let them know that I won't be buying any Abita anytime soon.


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pretty douchey move, IMO

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That's complete BS. Just as bad as Subway and the 'footlong' crap.

Here's what I sent to [email protected]

I am writing to voice my disgust with your C&D actions toward Manu Kamat and the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice charity ‘going from pub to pub’ events. The legal system should reject these absurd trademark registrations and not allow bullish corporations such as yours to take a ‘claim’ to such a common term.

Add me to the I’ll never buy another Abita product list. I hope many others join me.

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Official Abita Response:

Dear Friends of Abita:

Over the years thousands of you have attended amazing moveable parties known as Pub Crawls. It’s no small feat to put together events of this size and caliber. Our standards are high and we put a great deal of time, thought and effort into making Abita Pub Crawls well-run, fun events for you.

In the 1990s big corporate breweries began trying to mimic craft beers and take over the types of events smaller breweries like us had created. To protect the Pub Crawl for our fans we trademarked the name of the event in Louisiana only. Our intent was to prevent any confusion and to stop the big breweries from copying our success. Over the years, we’ve sent out letters asking others not to use the name Pub Crawl unless it is an Abita sponsored event.

We’ve heard from you today on this trademark issue and we agree. Your respect is far more important to us than two little words.

This morning we reached out to the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice and let them know we’ve changed our mind and our position on the trademark issue. We have offered and they have accepted our support of their next event, scheduled for March 25. Abita is proud of our history of charitable giving to our community through our fundraising brews and our commitment to non-profit organizations.

You may see more Pub Crawls in the future. Some of them may not be sponsored by Abita, but we’re confident you’ll recognize the original when you see it and have a great time.

Thank you for your support of Abita Beer.


David Blossman


Abita Beer

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Powerfully cool.
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Wow. I've never had any Abita beers, but I will certainly be giving them a shot next time I hit the package store.
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That is an awesome response. I'm sure they understand how many customers they've kept by agreeing to back off of the litigation.

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AFAIK, trademarks and patents can be granted but that doesn't mean they will hold up in a court of law. Maybe Abita found out that this would not hold and decided to just save face and concede.

Abita was founded in 1986, I find it hard to believe that they were the first to coin the term 'pub crawl'.
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