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Mar 2009
New Jersey
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Okay, I know some of you men out there get stuck watching The Bachelor like I do every Monday night, right? Don't deny it. SWMBO loves this show and I put up with it because she puts up with my brewing. Anyway, The Bachelor went to the home of one of the girls and I think her dad was a homebrewer. There was a turkey fryer in the foreground, several sacks in the background, which appeared to be grain, and I noticed pink foamboard in the back, which could have been a Son Of Fermentation Chiller.

I know someone out there saw this. It was the guy from Maine. Anyone?????
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Aug 2010
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It's funny nobody has responded to this. I guess i'm lucky that my work shift is 2pm -11pm, because I just have to here how good of an episode it was, and don't have to suffer through it.

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Mar 2010
San Diego, CA
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Feb 2010
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Okay, I'll fess up. SWMBO and I were watching last night and I saw the fryer and grains. My wife posed the question to me "think he's a brewer?". Just another reason I love her.

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Feb 2011
Maiden Rock, WI
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Ok, I went to ABC website an forwarded through all the junk to that scene. Did anybody get a good look at the labels on the bags? That guy has a lot of hunting gear, and the bags may be for baiting deer, and the turkey fryer may be for frying turkeys? The website wouldn't let me pause it on the show, it flash up an ad every time I paused it. The guy definitely fits the bill, though. Did you see the son drinking a pint of something that didn't look like BMC to me.........

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Feb 2007
Mystic, CT
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Originally Posted by BillyBock View Post
... the turkey fryer may be for frying turkeys? ...
That wouldn't make any sense

I didn't see the show, I didn't even know it was still on. My SWMBO got off the bus after the second or third season.

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May 2010
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I wish I could get the 5 minutes of my life it took me to read this read back

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I may be drunk, but I'm not sure.
Sep 2010
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Not to completely hijack this thread, but I do not watch the bachelor.

However, this past Saturday, my wife had the DIY channel on the TV for backround noise while I worked in the garage. They replayed an episode from season 2 (just looked it up on the diy network website) where they converted a homebrewers backyard. When they first walked into the yard, the host asked "is this legal?" because there were kegs all over the place, a brew scultpure, etc. sitting all over the place.,00.html
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Sep 2008
Plymouth, WI
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I watch the show with my wife...I noticed the "man" room stuff....and being also from a northern climate, and stoking my wood burning stove in our living room at the time of viewing....I say the mystery bags were wood pellets for the pellet stove that they were stacked next to.

I was more perplexed by the amount of wine being served at every girl's house! I'd send 'em all packing if they didn't offer me a beer....or maybe I'd have just swung by the beer store first.
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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by BillyBock View Post
and the turkey fryer may be for frying turkeys?
Wait wait.... slow down.... you can fry a turkey in a turkey fryer? When the hell did that happen?
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