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What is a good style of beer to pair with spicy foods? I like to cook and eat cajun food, and I want to start brewing the perfect beer to match it.

Any suggestions on style, or does anyone have a good extract recipe that they could recommend?

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I like a good hoppy Pale Ale or IPA with spicy foods as I feel the hops enhance the spiciness of the food. A good Bohemian Pilsner will also compliment very well.

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ITA with Brewtopia, Hoppy is best.

This is the myth with Mexican food- that it pairs well with Mexican beer. It does not. Hoppy beers do.

Mexican beers pair well with other Mexican beers and gawking at women.
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Boddingtons or Other English Bitter.
My Hobgoblin goes well with most anything.
Old Speckled hen is a good food beer as well.
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My husband tells me that the best possible beer with spicy food is Maibock. He says it's a malty lager that balances the spiciness of the food but it's not a lawnmower beer.

Since I've recently converted to Hopheadism, I say an IPA is the way to go.
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Yeah, I'd have to agree with the concensus thus far. Hoppy, although I am certainly not a hop head and you could easily dominate with the hops. Fwiw, alcohol is good in general with Capsaicin laden foods as it helps strip it off your tongue. IPA, Pale Ale or a Pilsner for the win.
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Lagers, and lighter beers taste good, but then again, beer and food are a terrific combo no matter how you look at it.

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I don't disagree with the consensus on IPAs. Some other possible directions...

I think crisper beers are good with spicier food. Any beer that you would normally serve a little on the colder side: pilsner, simple APAs, etc.

Two styles that do surprisingly well with spicier foods, IMHO, are saison and wit. Again, these about the crispest Belgian styles and about the only Belgian beers that I'd drink fairly cold.


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