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Jun 2009
helena, Montana
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I'd recommend treating agave wine like mead with staggered nutrient additions. Also, 8lbs/gallon is not correct. Water is 8lbs/gallon .. and Honey is 12lbs/gallon. I would suspect that agave is atleast 12lbs/gallon if not even more due to the higher sugar content mentioned above. I used wine Lavlin D47 and had no problems. I've got a couple jugs of agave now and am planning on using Dry Mead Yeast. PS: I also always use approx an Oz of light dried malt extract in all my meads for a nutrient addition.

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Mar 2012
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@jusware, you are correct about the undissolved weight, i think its 11.5lbs/gallon. Wholesome foods bottles by weight not volume, my bad. I had 6 of the 23.5oz(as packaged nt. wt.) bottles of blue=8.8 lbs. Based on that 8.8 *34 pppg = 299p. 299p/ 5gal = 60. My gravity at 68F was 1.076. Going backwards 76*5= 380 / 8.8 = 43pppg. I agree also to treat it like mead, I happen to add 2 tsp of nutrient blend the first 4 days. because I add beer & wine yeast the beer yeast has a DME starter. It's something I do and it happens to work great.

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Aug 2012
eau clairewi
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Agave wine from nectar alone will be difficult. The fermentation process for tequilla starts the same way, and they use a mash made from the shredded agave plant. This provides nutrients for the agave wine. I live up north, so that's not an option. All I have is the agave nectar. I had difficulty getting the agave nectar to ferment so I just took some strawberry mash from some strawberry wine that was fermenting well and plopped that down on it. It brought active yeast and nutrients with it. Works great. No idea how it will taste. I'm told that starting the yeast in some orange juice works well, also, after you hydrate the yeast normally. It might be a better flavor match, too. Teguilla makers do orange and agave distilled booze; not sure how that connects.

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