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Sep 2009
North Phoenix, AZ
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lagunitas MAXIMUS IPA and DFH 90 minute were my gateway beers into the Hop Playground
I love Alcohol, its in my Blood.

Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
go rinse your mind out with soap for even THINKING about tossing a batch of beer.

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Jan 2011
Grand Rapids, MI
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Originally Posted by Cranny04 View Post
It all started when I did a tour at the Sam Adams brewery and they had us rub hops between our hands and smell. Then had us drink the latitude 48 IPA (before it hit the shelves)

After that I was hooked.
Great responses from everyone.

To Cranny's point, I think home brewing does a lot for hop appreciation. There's something special when you can hold fresh hops up to your nose then taste them in your beer.

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Feb 2011
Culpeper, Va
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Originally Posted by mikeosoft

There's something special when you can hold fresh hops up to your nose then taste them in your beer.
Absolutely, after the tour I started to research home brewing.
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Dec 2009
The great southwest
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I started out saying I HATE bitter beers, then as I learned what hops were - through my brewing, I started detecting them in what I got at the bar. I learned that at least for me, hops aren't just bitter, they are aromatic, spicy, yummy smelling...
Then I tried SNPA and various Stone offerings.

I still dislike - true bitterness - I'm searching for what it is, for my tastes. I think its one or two of the more roasted malts that give true bitterness, I dislike that burt finish.

But hops? I learned that hops are not a bad thing, and make beer really a lot more interesting.

I've got a DFH 60 in primary right now!

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May 2010
San Luis Valley, CO
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Originally Posted by Indyking View Post
I like an IPA every ounce in a while but it's probably one of my least favorites, which is shocking, I know. To me, heavily hopped pale ales all taste very similar, there is not enough room left from the bitterness to feel the complexity of other flavors. It's one the easiest to brew too...
I respectfully disagree. You aree right that anyone can throw a bunch of hops in a kettle and schiz out your taste buds, but creating a highly hopped but balanced brew is one of the greatest challenges we face as brewers. I LOVE REALLY hoppy beers, but they can't just be bitter. There has to be a malty backbone to support it and flavor and aroma that is not overwhelmed by the bitterness.

Originally Posted by Mirilis View Post
"I cant handle that buddy.. it tastes like Moose Piss", (IPA) - side note.. ive never had moose piss, but im sure it doesnt taste like IPA or I would have a moose.
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Old 07-22-2012, 12:11 AM   #26
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Dec 2011
Grand Ledge, MI
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This is a great thread, time to BUMP!

Bells Hopslam was my first big hoppy beer. I know, its sweet and malty too
Victory Hop Devil is freakin great too

Now I love most all of them

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Old 07-22-2012, 12:17 AM   #27
Jul 2010
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Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA was my gateway to bitter beers. Still love it to this day.

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Old 07-22-2012, 12:21 AM   #28
Jun 2012
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First IPA I ever tried was Coronado IPA. I HATED it, I thought it was the most disgusting beer ever, after starting back at the bottom with SNPA and moving all the way up to stone, I can officially call myself a Hop- Head! Can't get enough. An there is always a hop for anytime wether it just be a nice refreshing session or something a little ( or a lot) stronger.

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Old 07-22-2012, 12:30 AM   #29
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Jan 2012
City of the Steamer
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I used to be ridiculously anti craft beer, I even had a rant that BMC has to be better since they have more money for R&D. I was young and naive. I moved a few miles from a great brewery, victory, and loved all of their beers.

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Old 07-22-2012, 01:04 AM   #30
Jul 2012
Chino, CA
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Deschutes Mirror Pond Ale and Stone Levitation Ale was my introduction to overly hopped beers! Granted their IBU's are 35-45but all I crave is 100+ IBU's

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