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I never have enough time to brew as often as I would like so I never have enough beer. So why not make a system where I can brew one 5 gallon batch and one 10 gallon batch at the same time since I have a 7 and 13 gallon conical. It would be a 5 vessel system similar to a Brutus 10, a 15g sanke in the middle for my hlt. 2 mlt on each side of my hlt and then 2 bk next to each mlt. For my existing hlt I would just put a T in with 2 ball valves for each mlt. Also thinking of making it a 2 tier system and just raise the hlt above the mlt's so I don't have to buy another pump. Any thought, suggestions, concerns?

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I like it! My buddy and I have been doing 1 5G AG and another 5G extract and its really been nice having two different beers at the same time. I want to step my AG up to 10 gallons so we would kinda/sorta be in the same boat as you. I guess all we would need is another mash tun since we already have two burners, and an electric HLT.

But we just use the garage workbench and floor, no brewstand (yet).

Good luck!

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I do dual 10 gallon AG batches. Once the sparge is done on the first batch and I'm bringing it to a boil, I then clean the mash tun and start the second batch. While the second batch is mashing and the boil is done on the first, I then clean the brew kettle and start fly sparging the second batch.

My hardware is a standard Brutus 10 style, but i have 3 pumps on it for keeping things separate during dual batches. It makes for a long brewday, but it's not double the time. It also takes a bit of work to keep things straight and moving along.
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A double batch sounds fun! I'll probably try doing one this summer. I don't really see the need for 5 vessels, when you can just do them sequentially, and require less equipment/things to clean, but hey...why not!?!
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Done correctly, you can do a double batch with 3 vessels and just an extra hour or two.

When sparging the first batch, ensure you have enough hot water left over to mash in the second batch. Clean MT at completion of sparge while waiting for boil of first batch to start. Hour mash, hour boil - see a trend. Cool first batch while boiling second. If you go the 5 vessel route remember that you'll need to be two places at once sometimes and you'll need to cool both batches at the same time... I know I wouldn't enjoy a 2 batches simultaneously day, I've done and enjoyed a 2 batches in a row day. It was a LONG day, though, because I wasn't at all on my game.

If you're really on your game you'll have an extra hour and 15 or so.
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