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My girlfriend and I visited Three Floyds Brewpub in Munster, IN late Saturday afternoon. Took the 3pm brewery tour, which was nice. The pub is located in an industrial park adjacent to the brewery. It’s not a large place and the atmosphere is minimal, but nice. Kind of like what you would do to your basement if you had a small pile of money to spend. In addition to the obligatory barstools and tables, there are a couple of couches to sit in, which I thought was kind of cool.

Service is laid back. Our bartender was rather quiet and not what I would call an ‘A’-type personality. He was in no hurries, but was accommodating. The place is non-smoking, which was nice. There were several guest brews on tap, including Stone Smoked Porter and Delerium Tremens, but we stuck with the FFF offerings.

We began with the Pride and Joy, which is a great representation of a mild ale. Nicely balanced, hops were there, but didn’t overpower. This would be a great beer for someone wanting to have several on a nice afternoon outside.

Next up was Alpha King, their flagship hoppy ale (66 IBUs). I have had this in bottles before and the hops really stood out, so I was really looking forward to having this fresh on tap at the brewery. I have to say we were a bit disappointed. Maybe this keg was old, but the hops just weren’t there. Faint hop aroma and a bitterness that was alright, but not as big as I had remembered. If you were expecting a middle-ground, less hoppy ale, this would be great! But we weren’t.

From there we moved to the Dreadnaught IPA. This was more along the lines of what we expected from the Alpha King. Nice hop aroma and malt flavor, but still, not as hoppy as I would have expected for an ale boasting 100 IBUs.

Lastly, she had the Brian Boru Irish Red Ale and I tried the Black Sun Stout. These were two of the best brews of the day! The Brian Boru was a nice dark red - a perfectly balanced, slightly hoppy Irish red. The Black Sun Stout was nitrogen poured and one of the best stouts I’d had in awhile. Nice, roasty, creamy. Yum!

Like may pubs, most of the ales had a ‘sameness’ about them. Nothing bad or flawed, mind you, but a definite flavor that let you know you hadn’t left the building.

For eats, we had the Scotch eggs which were okay and the Four Cheese Ale Dip, which was very good. The sausage used with the Scotch eggs was a bit bland. But the cheese dip was a winner. I’d like to try and make it at home!

All in all, I’d definitely go back again. I’d like to give the Alpha King on tap another chance!

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I can see Three Floyds as a future VSS offering from Wyeast. Alpha king in bottles is pretty tasty.
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I visited this pub at the end of last year with a group of friends from PA that love 3Floyds offerings.
We found the setup there very relaxed and the staff accommodating. Met a southern Indianian couple there that was on a mini brew-pub tour for the weekend. He and his wife were very nice to chat with about yummy brews. Our group sat at one of the couch setups and all reported their respective food was ok. I believe I had a fat burger with munster cheese and bacon.....mmmm....bacon.
(Off topic...any bacon beers out there?)
: )
Unfortunately we could not take the brew tour as we were there on a Friday afternoon, but my girlfriend and I soon enough will make it there for that.
I bought a nice Alpha King tshirt too.
Overall, I recommend this shop for sure.

On a side note...I've tried a couple times to get a 1/2bbl of Alpha King.
Once through a south side Chicago Binnys whom said they had huge difficulty with them and the distributor to secure kegs. They actually fell through on my order as they predicted.
I recently asked though another local shop, Kenwood, and they also reported the huge hassle it is to get their beer.
I called a couple weeks ago the 3Floyds "hotline" and there was a message of limited growlers available and that there was no keg sales to the public at this time.
I hoping to get out there soon since its a quick ride and ask about these issues lol.

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Feb 2008
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Was just there this past weekend. Took my brother whos been a fan of their beer for some years and also our Step Dad for his 60th BDay. Neither had been there before and a great time was had by all.
Beer (mmmm....Dreadnaught) and food was quite enjoyable and this time we were there to take in the tour as well. So we got there early to sample eats/drinks and then the tour was at 3pm.
A nice crowd showed up for it and I dug the fact it was a $1 admission and your "ticket" was a fresh bottle of beer to enjoy. Tour was straight forward enough. They are in process expanding some. I questioned their lack of barrel availability and its simply supply/demand and also the distributors seem to be a pain.
After the tour we sat up at the bar to split a Dogfishhead Fort from their tap and had a couple growlers filled of Alpha King etc.
Can't wait to get out there again next month for Dark Lord Day Sat. 4/26.

BTW...I did put in a call to try and get an Alpha King 1/2 barrel again through Binnys.
They remember me from our last time trying past Oct lol. I might actually have a shot this round....but I'm not holding my breath. Should find out tomorrow anyway.

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My in-laws live near there.. have been a fan of their Robert the Bruce.. I pick up a case whenever I am up in Indiana. They've sent me some t-shirts and mouse pads and the like for gifts.
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Old 03-06-2008, 04:13 AM   #6
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Oh yes! love me some floyds! gotta go for darklord day! my favorite is the alpha kong. but its so damn expensive!
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Old 03-06-2008, 09:43 PM   #7
Feb 2008
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Binnys just called and they actually did get the 1/2 of Alpha King in!
They were pretty surprised it arrived as I was.
I was even more surprised at the cost though....about $180!!!

Thats up a bit more from last Oct...probably due to demand and the hops issues.
I almost said no thanks, but after making a couple calls I decided to bite.
I'll sell off some growlers to offset the cost to some willing family/friends lol.

Picking it up Sat. morning....

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