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Oct 2010
San Diego, CA
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I got into brewing a few months ago and other than casually mentioning it to my girlfriend I never really brought it up. She isnt a big beer drinker and doesnt really share my tastes on it. However, I had to run to my LHBS the other day to grab a few things and she went along. Next thing I know she is weighing and crushing grain for the Hefeweizen she wants to help me make! She had a bunch of questions and is looking forward to our brew day together. I'm so glad to have someone to sanitize and bottle with.
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Dec 2008
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I am very lucky to have a wife who loves beer and brewing as much as I do (although she is not as obsessed). It is a great thing to make recipes together and talk about what we will brew next. Plus, brewing is way easier with two people who know what they are doing. It's pretty much just hanging out for half the day talking about beer between brief periods of actual work.

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Dec 2008
Providence Village, Texas
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My SWMBO is a wine lover so we make that together. As far as beer goes, the only beer she will really drink is my American wheat beer! She's pretty understanding of my obsession.
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Jan 2011
collingswood, nj
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SWMBO bought me the equipment kit to get me started. Later when she figured out that I was waiting for a fermenter to free up for another batch she bought me a second fermenter.

I guess that means she approves my hobby. errrrr... I mean addiction.

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Mar 2009
, Chicago, IL
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Mine detests beer. The taste, aroma, everything. However, she did buy me a blichmann 10 gallon pot for Christmas and never complains when I tinker on some new project. (stir plate, heat stick, keezer)

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Mar 2010
Midland, Michigan
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I got home from work one day and my wife said to me...

"Why don't you run down to Eastman Party Store and buy one of those kits to make your own beer?"

How do I a turn that down. And now, I brew once a week.

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Jan 2006
The Middle East
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My SWMBO is fairly interested in my obsession, she'll hang out and ask questions, etc. on some brew days.

Although she doesn't really share my DIY mindset and doesn't really understand why I enjoy homebrewing, and everything that goes along with it, as much as I do. So there are times when its completely over her head.
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Jan 2009
Dover, PA
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My wife also detests beer, and when I was an extract brewer hated how the smell would spread throughout the 3400 sq ft house. I loved it.

SHE bought me the kit for my birthday two years ago. Nice kit too, came with a 6.5 and 5 gallon glass carboy, SS pot, bottling bucket, hoses, racking cane, auto-siphon, capper, hop sacks, grain bags, etc.

I let her by shoes, purses, clothing, etc, she lets me brew.

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Jun 2006
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I brew and do all the "work" and Bob drinks it. He is supportive, and often brags about my beer but doesn't have any interest at all in brewing himself. He does have a great palate, though, and makes constructive criticism that helps. He'll say, "I like this beer but I wish the malt would shine a bit more and I'd like to see a reddish color and have more late hops", for example. I'll then tweak that recipe to accomodate his requests. He gardens, and grows three kinds of hops for me. He also helps with dumping my mash tun into the compost.

He helps more with the winemaking- he'll pick the fruit and crush and help with carrying carboys. Wine is more his thing than beer.
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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by BeastMaster View Post
I'm so glad to have someone to sanitize ...
Starsan? Pics?

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