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Dec 2010
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2 issues last night!
I bought a turkey fryer set up to get a full boil, and since I am about to go into all grain. So I buy this Turkey Fryer and it says 30 quart...which should be 7.5 gallons correct? Well I am making NB Irish red last night and I wanted to do a full boil extract...
I put in 5.5 gallons of water and was above the handles!!
Thes SOBs lied I couldn't even get 6 gallons in there!
Should I take it back?

So after some cooked off I put a little more in and then at the end I some left over that I couldn't fit in my 5 gallon Carboy! Do you guys ever have this problem? My Bucket is fermenting my Bock so I couldn't use that. I have like 4- 5gallon Glass carboys,, Can I not use these for primary fermentation?

What do you do with that 12-20 ozs that didn't fit...I hated pouring it down the drain!

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Oct 2009
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Theres a few issues here, but I will address 1. Freeze or can the extra wort to use on starters.

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Apr 2010
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I'd take it back. Where'd you buy it?

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Nov 2010
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I would return it, but I would make sure to check your gear and measurements before you brew next.

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You can use the 5 gallon carboy as a primary. You need to attach a large blowoff tube because the krausen is going to over flow the carboy. You'll end up losing something like a liter or two of beer out the blowoff. Once the krausen falls back you can remove the blowoff and attach an airlock.

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a 7.5 pot is tough to do 5 gallon full batches in, especially when you start getting into really big beers. A 10 gallon pot is comfy for 5 gallon batches but I'd still go as big as the burner will handle.

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Nov 2010
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I have not used my 5 gal carboy in 10+ years as I usually use my 6.5 gal carboys. My pipeline was full and I wanted to brew a Octoberfast so I broke out the old 5 gal carboy and actully checked the volume to see where the 5 gal mark was. To my surprise, a five gallon carboy is just that, exactly 5 gallons to the very top. Think of them as a 4.5 gal carboy and you will be fine. I was not about to waste my beer either, so I put 1/2 gal into a growler and slapped an airlock on it. I think I am going to pick up a 7.5 gal bucket to be my backup fermentor instead.

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Mar 2010
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What are you using to measure your water?

I mean, if you put 5.5 gallons in the pot 7.5 gallon pot (and it barely fit), then some boiled off, and what was left didn't fit in a 5 gallon carboy...

It sounds to me like like you had more than 5.5 gallons to begin with. (For example, was that 5 .5 gallons of water, and then you added a half gallon jug of extract? If so, that's 6 gallons right there...)

I've had a similar problem before, I put 3 gallons of water into my 5 gallon pot, by the time it expanded from heating up, I added my liquid extract, my dry extract, a few pounds of sugar (I was making a tripel) my pot was almost completely full.

And then the fact that it wouldn't all fit in your carboy...well, a 5 gallon carboy doesn't work so well for primary on 5 gallons of wort (no headspace for krausen, of course you can use a blowoff tube...) but if your wort didn't fit in the 5 gallon carboy, it sounds like it was more than 5 gallons.
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Jan 2011
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You should have calibrated it first with a 1 gallon picher then you would have known beforehand. I use a square dowel marked at 1/2 gal. intervals.

I'd take it back anyway, even if it is used.
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Originally Posted by KoedBrew View Post

What do you do with that 12-20 ozs that didn't fit...I hated pouring it down the drain!
wouldn't have done that. I probably would have split the batch into 2 of the carboys, or as mentioned freeze the remainder for starters

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