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I have always just dumped my wort, hops and all, into the fermenting bucket. I usually do Pale Ales and IPA with anywhere from 3 to 8 ounces of hops including dry hopping.

With that being said I easily lose 1/2 gallon (sometimes a little bit more) to all the trub that settles throughout the course of fermentation.

The loss doesn't bother me much I have just learned to brew beer with more wort but am I getting any off flavors from this practice?

Would filtering the hops from the boil from entering fermentation make for a "cleaner" tasting beer? My beers don't taste bad now but brewing is the art of improving every detail as we all have learned!
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The general consensus is to filter the hops out before dumping the wort into the fermenter. If you wanted to see for yourself what the difference is you could brew a 5 gallon batch then split it into two 2.5 gallon fermenters and strain one but not the other. Could be interesting how the flavor and aroma turn out.
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I always leave them in the primary.

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I would say it's preference, but I've seen more people filter them out - either through a strainer or by adding their hop additions in bags.

I use a strainer, because I read somewhere that your utilization can suffer using bags. That may be BS I never really tested it - and the strainer aerates the wort, so bonus there.

The real reason I don't want all that hop crap in there is that I reuse the yeast, and it would be a pain in the ass.

If you're thinking your leaving them in there for more aroma or what have you, I don't know how much you'd be getting because of off-gassing - and you can always dryhop, even just a little, in secondary or after primary fermentation.

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I just brewed my first IPA today and was thinking the same thing. I typically just throw my hops in, but was worried if it would make (negative) difference. Happy to hear that everything should be ok.

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Feb 2012
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Use hops sacks

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i think you should keep dumping it all in and just adjust batch size for loss. It seems like taking out hops that were just added at the end of the boil is kind of a waste. i feel its safe to all go in unless you plan on leaving in primary for a longer than average time. I leave it all behind when going to secondary of course

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