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Jan 2005
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I have two primary buckets I have been using for beer. They are stained with idophor but otherwise there in good condition. I was going to use one for a primary for wine. Is this a no no Even if I clean and sanitize it well?

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Oct 2005
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I use the same buckets for mead, wine and beer. You can't use them for secondaries for wine, because there will be too much head-space for air, but for primaries, no problem.
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Sir Humpsalot
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Originally Posted by david_42
I use the same buckets for mead, wine and beer. You can't use them for secondaries for wine, because there will be too much head-space for air, but for primaries, no problem.

What's wrong with headspace for air? It's all gonna wind up being CO2 anyway, right?
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I know from experiance that plastic tends to hold flavors from previous use. My belief is that it won't make a whole lot of difference in the wine except that the beer buckets can leave some odd flavors in wine.
It is real easy to become overcrowded with buckets and a lot of folks have a bucket for wine primary, another for wine secondary, same for beer, plus a couple to rack into and maybe one with a spigot to bottle with. Next thing you have 8-10 buckets and maybe a few glass carboys also.
I would go to your local school cafeteria and bum a used food bucket (strawberries, blueberries,etc, NOT pickles or any other acidy food) these can be cleaned/sanitized and become disposable. Don't keep the buckets too long after different beers/wines have been in them as they will impart other flavors to wine. This may not mean much if you are serving it at a block party but in a competition or trying to impress the inlaws it might make a difference. Buckets are too easy to come by to keep using the same ones over and over. Having said that, my very first beer attemptwas made in a used 90 wt gear oil bucket, cleaned and sanitized. I have learned a lot since then. I buy 5 gallon glass bottles for 5 bucks off the bottled water truck.

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