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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
This is more like staying away from a certain area when there was RECENTLY a flu epidemic but all reliable sources indicate it's over, but you're going on the word of people on the Internet who have a regular seasonal flu with a typical rate of incidence, all because these few anecdotal examples think they might have that particular strain (which is perfectly natural - for a while after the Swine Flu stuff became old news, a great deal of people would freak out over every COLD they had).

Ultimately though, it's irrational, and everybody loses. You miss out on what otherwise might have been your first choice for a vacation destination, and they lose out on tourist dollars. All when you could have immunized yourself with a free vaccine called "PayPal".
I think the rational people have spoken.
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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
I think the rational people have spoken.
Those damn Canadians and their infernal logic.

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Well, I guess if you wait long enough, anything will happen. Got hit last night by some outfit that sells passports over the internet - bye bye checking balance.....

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My wife and I have had to replace our cards probably a half dozen times in the last few years. Iit can happen anytime, anywhere.

We decided it was happening too often with a Citibank MasterCard and that maybe since that company is so large they have more problems with small-time fraud so we switched to Discover. That card was compromised within a couple of months and had to be changed.

Never use a debit card. If you are going to pay for anything with a card, it's only a matter of time before you have to change the card.

Also, your number is just as likely to be stolen from a point-of-sale system as it is to be stolen over the internet. When a store clerk swipes your card, where do you think the number is transmitted? Over the internet to the CC company's computers.

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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
I wasn't exactly thrilled with what happened, but what in the hell makes you think it's AHS. The occurrences before were WAY too frequent to just be a coincidence... but now? Not even close.

Fraudulent credit card charges happen often enough, and this site has so many members, that during any given week, there must be dozens of members who experience the problem - it's just a statistical reality. You have a problem with their turnaround time? Fine. You plan on never dealing with them again? That's fine too - nobody can make you. But publicly implying that AHS is responsible for your charge when there's no reason at this point to believe there's still a breach is both idiotic and irresponsible - small businesses like this are people's livelihoods, and to wrecklessly continue damaging their reputation in such a carefree manner when the likelihood of that fraudulent charge being connected to them is almost nil... that's just absolutely disgusting behavior.
What makes me think it is no coincidence is that I've been using the same card for several years. I run an online business and place many orders each day from typically the same vendors using this card. When others have had this happen and the fraudulent charges were also made by UK vendors this is more then a coincidence. Not trying to destroy their business whatsoever. I respect small business more then most as my fiance and I both run separate small businesses. All I'm saying is I highly recommend using paypal when ordering from this company.

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This happened to me too. 1 week after my card was "declined" from AHS, and I had to call and give them my number over the phone. I'm very careful with my cards, and this week I see a charge for "WITFEED" in the Ukraine. You better recheck your people, and your system AHS!

VERY VERY FISHY. I will not be ordering from AHS again any time soon. They have a crook in their midst, or a crook has access to their CC info.

BUYERS BEWARE! Check your accounts if you have ordered from AHS recently.
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