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Jan 2011
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I got into a bit of an arguement with a Packer fan at work. He asked what I thought of the game and I said I started to fall asleep after half time and that I was glad the Steelers didnt get another ring and Rodgers tied Favres record but I would have liked to see some lead changes or a come back from behind.

I also felt the commercials were pretty weak with the exception of the Vader, Faith Hill, and Bud Light kitchen makeover (not that their beer is worthy but that was still pretty funny). I also thought that the performances were weak. Aguilera couldnt even sing the lyrics and Fergie couldnt sing her way onto American Idol. Even this years American Idol, where almost everyone gets a golden pass.

So after this guy got all upset I asked around. I got a couple of sixes and a seven. I even told him I was happy for him and his team just honestly was starting to get bored with it and caught myself falling asleep a few times. I'm also a big Cardinal fan and once they are eliminated and fantasy is over my interest seems to die down some.

But I am curious as to if it was just me that thought it was a bit dull or if anyone else also thought so. What would you rate this Super bowl on on a scale of 1-10 all things considered

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Oct 2010
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I think it was just you. Although it wasn't one of the best super bowls of all time it was a good game. The Steelers had the ball with 2 minutes to go and down by 6. The rapist had a chance to cement his HOF chances if he would have made that drive. Of course, he didn't and the Packers won the SB. Congrats to them, good game, I'll give it an 8. BTW, Viking fan here, not a fan of either team that played.

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Hmm... I thought it was pretty interesting actually. I mean it was all Packers in the 1st half even though the theifs scored before half. I would give it a 7 I guess.

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It definitely wasn't the best played SB ever, that's for sure.
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I'd give it around an 8, maybe not quite a 9. We have a guy who's been whining around here all morning about how the Steelers got robbed on that last pass. You know, the one where the ref didn't call out pass interference because of incidental contact on the leg that didn't interfere with the catch. Every time he gets told off, he just finds another person to whine to for a while. It's actually kind of funny.
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I dunno it was just OK. I suppose I'd rate it a 6 or 7. The second half was definitely better than the first, though. Neither team was in top form.

I don't see how the Steelers got robbed when they kept turning the ball over. People always complain about one specific play where the ref made the wrong call (even if it wasn't) as if that was the deciding factor in the game, when in reality that's hardly ever the case. Usually it only gets to that "pivotal" play thanks to a bunch of earlier mistakes.

Halftime show was just awful. I mean Black Eyed Peas playing the most mind-numbingly stupid song in the universe does not exactly inspire me. I also don't get why they sang "America the Beautiful" right before "Star-Spangled Banner", and how she could screw up the lyrics like that.

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Originally Posted by Acoma View Post
I would have liked to see some lead changes or a come back from behind.
I guess you were watching a different Superbowl? The Steelers came back from a 21-3 deficit to make it 21 -17 early in the third, and from there it was back and forth, until basically the last play of the game. Not a fan of either team, but the game was good.

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I'm not sure I watched the superbowl. I think I watched a few hours of Glee commercials.

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Jun 2008
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Bad play on all involved. Steelers with their turnovers, Packer receivers couldn't make catches and that BS Facemask penalty by the refs on the punt return.

I think the audio problems threw off the Pea's rhythm a little but they recovered in the end. I just wish Fergie would have sung "Sweet Child o' Mine" in her own voice and not try to imitate Axl Rose.

The game was enjoyable enough...just not great like some of the past ones ( the Patriots winning Superbowl XXXVI by a field goal against "The Greatest Show on Turf" comes to mind ).
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I think that the aroma was good but the mouth feel was a little watery. The bitter aftertaste seems a little high to me but is appropriate to the style I think.

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