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Feb 2007
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I have some ingrediants I want to use up and plan on brewing a wheat beer from extract. Here is what I have on hand and plan to use:
6.6 lbs (2cans) Briess unhopped wheat LME
1 lb honey
1 lb light brown sugar (optional)
1 lb Briess baviaran wheat DME
2 oz hallertau hops alpha 3%
11gr pack of dry Safale us-05
7gr pack dry coopers brewing yeast.
Plan to boil the extracts, honey, and brown sugar for 45-60 minutes.
1 oz hops 60 min
1 oz hops 15 minutes.
Not sure which yeast to use, doubt it will make any difference.
I do a 3 gallon boil and use bottled spring water to make the difference to 5.5 gal.
I will ferment in primary for 5-7 days then transfer to secondary for another 7 days.
I am concerned that i may not have enough hops but there is not much I can do about that til next week.

I wanted this to have a little more body and maybe more alc than the kits offer. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Dec 2009
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IMHO: The hops are fine. But boil one oz at 60 and the other at 30 to make up for the very light IBU level. Or 1.5 at 60 and .5 at 15. Grab the coopers yeast between the thumb and index finger and give it a good flick towards the trash can. Drop the brown sugar all together. Boil the honey for 5 minutes. Finally, it is a wheat... secondary is a waste of time and unnecessary risk of infection.
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PT Ray
Aug 2005
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Personally I would go:

5-5.5 Gallons
6.6 lbs Wheat LME
1 lb Honey
1.5 oz Hallertau 60min
.5 oz Hallertau 15min
O.G. 1.050-1.055

I would just use a pound or so of the extract for the boil and add the remainder along with the honey at flame out. If the Coopers yeast is their Original Series in the gold foil it's an English strain. It's perfectly fine for English style ales but the US-05 is better suited for an American style wheat.

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Agree with the others... and ditch the secondary...

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Feb 2007
Little Rock, arkansas
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Thanks folks, thats the kind of input that is useful. Don't quite remember WHY I use a secondary...just got started that way years ago.
I always did worry about the glass letting in too much light among other things. Only good thing is that glass doesn't hold flavors over as bad as plastic.
Some of this stuff is getting pretty old and I don't know much about shelf life of either extracts which is why I was going to throw in the brown sugar as a fermentable......I just want to use up this stuff before it gets too old.....
Having said that, I am going to follow the above advice/recipe and make great beer
Thanks again

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