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I've tried twice now to make some spent grain bread. Both times the bread does not cook on the inside. I've looked at many recipes and they all call for about the same thing. It's been nearly an hour at 300f in the oven and the bread is still uncooked on the inside.

Anyone have any idea why?


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I have had lots of issues trying to use wet, spent grains. I read about drying them, then turning the dry grains into dust/flour and using that...

The above has put a hold on my spent grain baking until the spring/summer when I can make a drying rack...I anticipate better results...
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Well 300F is kind of low. Like one of the recipes on here does try 20 minutes @ 425, then 10 @ 375.

Can you post the recipes that you've used?
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I make a quickbread with spent grains. It's basically a cornbread recipe, substituting spent grains for the corn meal. Yeah, if the batter is too thin it will wind up gooey inside, so I add extra flour to thicken the batter. I don't know exactly how much, maybe 25%-35% more? And it's baked at 400F.
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1) You have to dial back the water or beer or whatever liquid you use in the recipe to account for the wet grains.
2) You have to cook higher than 300... larger loaves for me take an hour at 400 even with convection settings.
3) Higher initial temp helps form a crust but you need to cook through either way
4) If it's still too wet I am going to guess you are not adding enough white flour and not getting the dough to the right consistency

There is a whole thread on spent grain bread recipes in the Cooking & Pairing Forum...

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+1 to cooking temp. when i make bread, it's normally baked at 440 - 460 for 30-50 minutes, depending on the dough. a wet dough i made recently spend 60 minutes in the oven at 440. are you using a baking stone?
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