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Jan 2011
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Hello all,
Quick question. I will be bottling my first Irish Red Ale tomorrow after a 7 day primary, 10 day secondary. How much priming sugar should I use? My homebrew shop just gives me a 5 ounce packet..should I use all 5 ounces?
Thanks for the help..
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use all 5oz. dissolve it in 2 cups of boiling water. Add it to the bottling bucket then transfer your beer to the bottling bucket.

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+1 to the above.
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1 oz per gal is a good general rule of thumb, but you may want to adjust based on sytle.

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Irish Red: 2.4 volumes of CO2 = 4 oz. You want it extra bubbly....go the whole pack.

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1 ounce per gallon will get you around 2.8 volumes of Co2 when the beer is bottled at 75F.

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git outta hier metuchen, yoo's not wilcome 'round these pahts. <just kidding btw

use the carbonation calculator as noted above. the whole 5 oz is prob just a touch too much, imo 3 oz might be more appropriate. it is all a matter of how carbonated you want your beers! for example:

Carbonation Calculator
Styles: Irish Pale
Enter the desired volumes of CO2: 2
Choose a method: Bottle Priming
Volume being bottled (gallons): 5
Beer temperature at bottling (°F): Residual CO2: 0.9 volumes
Priming Ingredient: Corn Sugar
Recommended quantity: 3.06 oz. (86.6g)
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