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I posted this in another thread, but decided that it probably needs one of it's own. I recently made a wine from a relatively new variety called Noiret. I purchased it here, a great place if you are looking for pressed juice. I decided to try it on a whim just to see how the wine would turn out. The recipe was pretty simple.

5 gal Noiret juice
1 packet Pasteur Red Yeast
Wyeast Malolactic Culture (after fermentation)

OG: 1.087
FG: 1.001

Aged 10 months in bottle. I don't remember how long it was in the carboy.

Granted, this wine is is only about a year old. But here are my impressions so far. First the color is a BEAUTIFUL deep ruby red. The aroma is fruity with notes of Concorde grape, cherry and a spice that I can't quite place. The flavor is, in word, "grapey", like Smucker's grape jelly, just less sweet (FG of the wine was 1.001). I did MLF on this batch and so there are some buttery flavors as well. I probably won't ferment this variety again (I like my Smucker's on toast with peanut butter, not in my wine glass ). But if I were to do it again, I would consider a light dose of oak. Hopefully, the wine will improve once it is properly degassed and aged. But at this point it is just too fruity for me. Anyway, that's my $0.02 on Noiret.

Has anyone else worked with this juice? If so, what were your impressions?

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