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Originally Posted by andysim View Post
This is harsh...................You are turning into a Republican.

A Democrat would have paid her to sit on the couch yesterday, drove her to boy friend's house and gave her money to buy dinner.

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inappropriate and inaccurate, AndySim

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Obvious troll is painfully obvious.
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You my friend, are awesome! I must say, I was raised to work hard for what we had. Im only 26, but my generation makes me sick. And the current generations even more so. There isnt many in my generation, or the current ones that know what "work" is. I work everyday for my money, and for everything me and my fiance have. We currently have one on the way, and let me tell you, we have already sat down and discussed what I would and would not allow. Now, many say "thats what you say now!" but im sorry, im one to put my foot down, and put it down very hard. And ive got a big foot!! :-) My child WILL respect others, WILL work when its needed, and be expected to without asking more then once. I commend you in the way you handled the situation. Much better then I would have, and good for you on not letting in to her childish, immature ways.

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Originally Posted by Mischief_Brewing View Post
I would have dragged her lazy arse out of the house yesterday before the first shovel-full was tossed. Hell, I had my 7 year old daughter shoveling 2' of snow off of her giant trampoline last weekend so it didn't get ruined.
+1 Um... your the responsible adult right. Don't complain about the girls actions after the fact. Set your expectations upfront and follow through. There is a reason she was inside on the couch... the precedent had already been set.
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Bravo man! Kids nowadays are really too lazy. I'm glad you stuck to your guns. A 19yo who can't shovel isn't worth anything. They need a solid work ethic. Stand your ground my good man. This is Parenting 101 at it's finest.
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Well handled, kjung.

So did she help clear the new 2 inches of snow that fell over the weekend?

Also, if she does not drive, how does she get to work? At 19, if she does not have a job, how does she pay for her cell phone bill?
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I apologize for not coming back into my own thread sooner, but I haven't been able to spend as much time here as I want. To answer some of the posted points:
SWMBO took the middle ground in this whole debacle. She sees my point, but we both also agree that she (SWMBO) is in large part to blame for this, too. She has basically allowed both of her kids to get away with doing nothing around the house. To make a long story as short as possible, their father was killed when they were 2 & 5, so she felt that she needed to let them enjoy as much of their childhood as possible, which meant that she would take on all of the burden.
When I came into the picture, five years ago, I started to change things, especially when she asked me to move in with them. The kids see me as a step-father, and I treat them just like I do my own two kids. I was raised to have responsibilities, and see no reason why her kids shouldn't also.
Now, as to the daughter...I've mentioned in other threads that she's epileptic, which means that up until now, she hasn't been able to work OR drive. She has now gone the longest stretch in 12 years, when she became epileptic, with out a seizure. She IS looking for work, and now taking driving classes, but it's still slow going. And she's still lazy.

However, NONE OF THAT is a reason, IMO, for her to not help around the house, especially after the blizzard. As I stated in my op, between her mother and I, we are a surgeon's wet dream. Helping us would not have done a thing to set off any seizures. As of today, it's still a bit of a cold war scenario between us. Fortunately, and most importantly, it hasn't affected my relationship with SWMBO.
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Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.

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My girlfriend rents, and her landlord contracts a plow truck to clear her driveway. Well, the day of the blizzard, the dumbass driving the plow truck pile all of the snow so close to the garage that she couldn't get her car out. She has a really bad back, like the OP. She also has a 17 y/o daughter that refused to help shovel. (spoiled b!tch). When the girlfriend texted me that she was about to go out and shovel the snow hill, I was on my way to the monthly homebrew club meeting. I turned the car around, went back home, grabbed the dog and a couple of shovels, and proceeded to her house and shoveled it for her. No way was I going to let her risk her back. I would have bitched out the daughter, but that situation is beyond help. At least the daughter's boyfriend helped me shovel.
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