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Was thinking if you are fermenting outside it could be getting colder than 68 in a temp controlled fridge.
Im no expert, but I dont think you have a starter issue. When I started I brewed a few beers with no starter at all. They didnt turn out so well, but there were no attenuation issues.

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Originally Posted by TheBeerist View Post
Not to stray too far off topic, but my friend and I are getting ridiculous attenuation with dry yeast. With US05 we've done IPAs, APA, Brown, Rye IPA and they've all either over attenuated, or we've hit our numbers. We used US-04 on a 9.5% Impy stout, and nailed our numbers perfectly, with an insane fermentation. We're not doing starters either. Rehydrate, cool to pitching temp, pitch. I started with dry yeast (like most people) when I first started brewing, then I went to liquid, now I'm back to dry. I started having attenuation issues with liquid yeasts--starters and all--as well. Just some food for thought.

Honestly I don't see any good reason to use liquid yeast unless you need a special strain for a Belgian, Hefeweizen, etc. Dry yeast like S-04 or S-05 provides a clean ester profile, is cheaper, higher cell count per pack, stores longer/better viability, and you don't have to plan ahead days in advance or mess around with starters. IME they also attenuate better and result in a more compact yeast cake/clearer beer.


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Originally Posted by andyveedub
Well how does everyone else aerate their starters?
Most do intermittent shaking. The nice thing about Mr malty is you can choose this method to determine the appropriate sized starter. I started with an aquarium pump then went to pure oxygen and now I finally got a stir plate to reduce the starter volume. It also reduces the need for stepped starters
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Originally Posted by andyveedub
I dont use any oxygenation equipment but I cap the carboy and shake it and roll it on the floor for 10 minutes.
this is a problem. no oxygen is being added because you capped it shut.

at least toss the wort back n forth among sanitized buckets a few times, until it gets foamy!

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Or you could get a siphon sprayer to use when racking to the carboy. I used that before getting an oxygen system and it worked great without having to shake anything.

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Originally Posted by andyveedub View Post
what kind of aquarium pump? like from the local pet store?
Sorry for the delay, weather and all you know.

I got all my stuff at Pets Smart. I got the smallest one they had and it works great. I spent less than $20 I think for Pump, tubing, air stones and valve. As sjbeerman pointed out, unless you get a flow control valve for the air tube you WILL have bubbles coming out of the flask.
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