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Any news on how this turned out? I don't know how I missed this thread when I was researching for my own Caramel Macchiato stout recipe... Anyways, looks like our recipes were kind of similar. I can post it here if anyone's curious. The beer turned out really good. I think it needs a bit more vanilla flavor (maybe some oat would help in this respect), but it's definitely sweet. I like it as a nice after dinner dessert beer, but it also works as a nice morning breakfast coffee-replacement beer (24 oz of espresso was added after it was fully carbed).
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It's been quite a while since I've had one, but most everyone that tried it really liked it. Considering it was one of my first few brews, I was very pleased. Even some people that don't typically drink dark beers enjoyed it. Below are my more detailed brew notes (formatting was lost during the copy/paste):

Caramel Macchiato Stout


Brewed using the Northern Brewer Sweet Stout extract kit as the base for this beer.
Added 1lb of 60L Crystal malt during steeping (~25 minutes).
While pouring wort through strainer into primary, approximately one liter was spilled.
Brought volume up to 5 gallons by adding Hy-Vee water jugs, mix of drinking water and distilled.
Total volume was a little over 5 gallons.
OG measured ~1.048, 1.042 was expected per the kit instructions, if anything I expected it to be lower since some wort was lost.
6/26/11 - Crystal malt added ~ 0.004 to gravity
Aerated using tank pump and diffusion stone for 20 minutes.
Pitched one packet of Danstar Nottingham yeast, hydrated per instruction on packet.
Placed primary in office closet.
Pitched yeast at around 3:00, noticed bubbling had begun around 8:00pm. Current temp on primary reads 75, will have to move to basement if it doesn’t cool down.

4/1/2011 - 6:00pm

About two days after pitching originally fermentation was still over 70 degrees, so I moved to basement overnight, this brought the temperature well into the 60’s, but I think it stunned the yeast and caused a stuck fermentation. A week or so later it was at about 1.020.
Gently shaking the fermentor didn’t do a whole lot to reactivate the yeast.
Since gravity was still high (~1.019), today I hydrated and pitched an additional packet of Danstar Nottingham.

Cut and scraped 3 Madagascar vanilla beans, cut into thirds and soaked in Joss vodka for ~7-10 days.

Boiled cold-brewed coffee for about 10 minutes. Added bag (about 7 oz) of Muntons Kreamy-X priming sugar to coffee to avoid adding excess water. Ended up with approximately 1L of coffee/priming sugar solution.
Cooled coffee/sugar and poured into bottling bucked along with vanilla vodka/beans.
Bottled beer.

Sampled a few bottles this past weekend. Great flavor, but lacking the “creamyness” I was hoping for. Was already nicely carbed after ~1 week in the bottle.
Next time I think I will try using 1 lbs of 90L or even 120L Caramel/Crystal malt instead of 60L and use 1 lbs of flaked oats to hopefully get a creamier mouth-feel.

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