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Jan 2011
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For years I have done the standard sanitizer and soaked the bottles for disinfecting with no ill effects. My Bro in Law just told me he runs them thru a cycle in the dishwasher and this is sufficient. He claims to have done this exclusively for years with no problems in the final stage. Does anyone else do this or heard of this technique? Just wondering.

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Jun 2010
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I do this for all my batches and it has worked well and I believe it's faster and more convenient. Two things: 1) It's not good for cleaning, just sanitizing - and leave out any detergent or drying agent. 2) I think for this to work reliably, you need to have a hot sanitize setting on your dishwasher. There are definitely threads on here that discuss the pros and cons.

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Jan 2011
Wylie, Texas
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My dishwasher has a "sanitize" cycle on it and I have used that for every batch of beer that I have bottled so far with no problems. That is the only way that I have ever sanitized my bottles. You have to make sure they are good and clean on the inside before running them through the cycle and also don't use any kind of detergent. Just put them in and run them with water only.

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Dec 2010
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I got one of those "Vignators" and it works really well with the way I do it..
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Jan 2009
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Vinator and starsan. i can sanitize bottles faster than I can load and un-load the dishwasher

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Dec 2009
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When I had a dishwasher and used Iodophor for everything else (yeah, a long time ago and before Star-San), I ran a load (it just about exactly fit 5G worth of bottles) to clean with detergent, then a separate rinse load with a heated drying cycle which got them too hot to touch. I let the load cool for a bit, and then bottled right out of the dishwasher, with any spills going onto the open door. It was actually very convenient and low-mess.

Now I've got the ease of a Star-San spray bottle, but first have to deal with the mess of cleaning bottles by hand in a soaker pot and finding a way to lean them upside down on towels to drain with no rack. PITA, and very messy. That's why only my annual meads get bottled, anymore.
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Nov 2010
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Yep.. hot dishwasher with NO soap is fine. Just use the "hot wash" and "hot dry" setting.

As the others said... just make sure the bottles are clean.

Really, all I do is rinse a bottle with hot water immediately after pouring the beer into a glass, then put it upside down in a case to dry. They can sit there for weeks inverted (no dust can enter). Then I throw them all in the washer when it's time to bottle a batch. Pull the bottles straight out of the washer to fill (let 'em cool a bit). easy.

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Feb 2010
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finish beer, rinse with carboy/bottle jet washer(amazing tool. very affordable). bottling day, no soap dishwasher. cool (in dishwasher) and fill. repeat.

it really is that easy
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Jan 2011
Greenville, NC
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Dishwasher will do great. Just make sure it's not using a rinse agent like jet dry. I've used the dishwasher in the past as well as bleach water without any infected beer. This time I'm using Starsan. Just dunk, drain and fill. No rinsing.

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Sep 2010
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I used to use the dishwasher. Now, vinator and starsan.

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