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Feb 2007
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Hello all.

I've been brewing for around 4 years now. I've done a few ciders over that time,
most of which have ended up at 5.5% to 6% abv. I'm interested in
putting together a super cider with a really powerful, dry kick and an
abv closer to 10%, but I'm not sure what the best way to go about that
would be.

I want to avoid a mead flavor, so I'd like to avoid using
honey as my additional fermentable. I'd hugely appreciate some advice on
possible yeast/adjunct combos that would give me a dry finish and a
heavy hitting abv without making the alcohol flavor overpowering.

So far some of the ideas (extremely novice ideas from the three brewers
who are making this, experience totaling just under 6 years, including
my four) have been adding candi syrup (not the crystals, but the syrup
that you can get at Leener's), rice solids (???), or dark sugar (the
crystal kind) to the brew.

We've looked into mead, cider, and champagne yeasts,
as well as the possibility of using a hardy ale yeast with a few shots of nutrient. Also, we have access to a basement which sits at around 56 F, a private hallway that maintains at around 33 F, and another basement that cruises at around 77F, so we've got a ton of options for secondary and aging.

Thanks in advance!

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Pabst Blue Robot
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What you are describing fits Ed Wort's Apfelwein like a glove. There is a nice informative thread on it here:

I've brewed it myself and it is clean, dry, and hard hitting.
I did however find that substituting a Cote de Blanc yeast for the Montrachet reduced the sulpher dioxide output if the smell during ferment is an issue, the taste comes out about the same with proper age.
This is the ORIGINAL Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Nature's choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America's Best in 1893.

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Need I say more????


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Feb 2007
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Feb 2007
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I whipped up a simple cider recipie for the wife to get her off the Wyder's stuff that's $8 a sixer. Everyone likes it and it's definetly heavy hitting. This recepie's for 5 gallons.

3 gallons any Apple Juice.
2-3 Can Apple Juice Concentrate
5 lbs Table Sugar
1 gallon "flavor" fruit juice. I use the "just fruit" boutique juices. Have tried Cherry and Cranberry.
Dry Ale Yeast (have used windsor and doric)

Now before i get flamed here's what I've found thru experimentation and my thought process.

1) Don't believe that your standard ale yeast will poop out in the recepie! All of these sugars are REALLY ferementable. I usually end up about 10-12% alcohol (calced on delta Gravity). Adjust total sugars based on how dry you want the final product. The idea is that the alcohol will knock down the yeast and you'll be left with some residual sugar. The first time I made this recepie I used 3 lbs and it was DRY! Like champagne.
2) Don't add any priming sugar just bottle when the FG levels out. You'll get good bubbles and the yeast will finally konk out with a little bit of CO2 pressure.

3) with table sugaer you'll get "cidery" taste. Good!

I think this recepie is exactly what you described. dry kick, high abv, no mead flavors. You get whatever flavor juice you added (besides apple) and a LITTLE bit of yeast flavor.

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Fiery Sword
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Originally Posted by PsiWulf7

You get this month's Smilies and Formatting Award.

And Ed Wort's will blow you over. Can't go wrong.

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