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Jan 2011
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can i sanitize my bottles ahead of time? If so how long

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I bottle from the keg, and do it as I need it. I'll just sanitize a case in the dishwasher, put a piece of foil on the top, then throw in the freezer. The freezer is mainly to cut down on foam when bottling from the keg so I don't even think that is necessary. As long as you cover the tops so nothing can fall in, Papazian says you can store for long periods of time.
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you should always sanitize fresh.

If not you are playing Russian Roulette with you beer, eventually it will bite you in the butt.

You should sanitize on bottling day (or brew day if you are brewing.) It only takes a few minutes. If you let a no-rinse, wet contact sanitizer like starsan or iodophor, dry your are reducing it's efficacy by half. If it is dry, any micro organisms that touch the surface render it no longer sanitized. If the walls are wet with sanitizer, that organism would be toast. But dry it would still be alive.

It really should take you no more than 10 minutes to sanitize your two cases of beer. Or bottle in an hour. If it takes you longer you need to work on your process, not cut corners with your sanitization regimen.

Here's a lot of bottling tips to make the job easier.

You'll find a lot of good info/tips to effective sanitization here; in cluding how you should get rid of your dry powdered "pseudo sanitizers" in favor of the afore mentioned, no-rinse, wet contact sanitizers like starsan and iodophor.
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I do prefer the wet method; I use starsan. Wet sanitizers give a certain peace of mind.
However, in pinch I have also used heat sterilization:

I found 9 inch foil squares in a dispenser box at a bulk club, and I cut them down to 3*3 to make caps If I bake my bottles. I do not recommend baking painted bottles because the paint tends to oxidise and rub off.

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