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Oct 2008
Philly, PA
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I just bought a case of Winter and Holiday Ales from the BeerYard in Wayne. I am sampling a couple tonight.

So far, thumb's down on the Otter Creek Raspberry Brown. The raspberry flavor came through nicely and was obvious to be real not extract but I disagree with the malt chouce for the Brown portion. A little unbalanced. Needed a touch of sweetness to bridge the base and toasted malt. Maybe some crystal 60.

I had a Flying Fish IPA on tap earlier that was very very good but it had a slight sourness to it? Am I right here? Also the IBUs were not as high as I was expecting.
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Sep 2007
Limerick, Ireland
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Hobgoblin... Normally yum, but after a night on the town and with a kebab, not so good!
Originally Posted by Me
In the process of buying a bar... One drink at a time...
Originally Posted by chortly View Post
...homebrew contains more satisfactrons per serving, so you don't have to drink as much as you would a commercial beer to get to your satisfactron saturation.

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale...

WOw pretty damn good...never heard of it before, bought a mix sixer today at the bottle shop and it was the only IPA in the mixer fridge..I bought two and I'm glad I did...

I also drank tonight 2 August Schell beers...their vienna Lager...nicely malty with a decent hop back...and their apa...pretty good as well.
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Just returned from the local sushi joint with SWMBO and my SIL and her husband. I brought:

- Saison DuPont
- Rodenbach Grand Cru
- Duchesse De Bourgogne

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...My Junk is Ugly...
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Jan 2007
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Stopped by the local beer shop (Lukas Liquor) on my way home from the bulk grain pick up.

The MIL gave me a gift certificate there for Christmas (man I love that woman). Picked up some Bluebird Bitter, Some various Scottish Ale, a few Wee Heavy's, Some local IPA's and a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. All 22's.

Got home and onloaded and decided to give my "Left Nut Ale" a sample since it's been on the gas for a whole 24 hours now. Awesomeness is the only way to describe this one...but more on that later.

I'm just finishing the Dead Guy (in my HBT glass) and it is very nice. My first. Kind of like a kicked up, fruity amber with some wheat malt in there. Sweet. Slightly spicy. A medley of fruit with some (slight) banana. A very nice beer. The yeast (don't know what it is) really seems to play a heavy role with this one. I like it.

...oh...wait.......just finished it.

Hmmmph. Okay...going to go put another log in the fireplace and peruse my commercial haul for my next "experience".

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Aug 2005
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Stone 11th Anniversary, now a year and a half later. From a growler refill at the brewery.

The hops are really dropping out of this now. I had it a few months ago and it still tasted like an IPA. It's now like a big brown ale with a little citrus hop flavor. It's still good, just really different.

If anyone still has bottles hanging around and wants to drink it while it still resembles an IPA, you should probably drink it soon. I still have a couple bottles, I think I'll still hold on to them for a while.
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Oct 2008
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No beer over here. Had some friends over that never had absinthe so I made a few Hemingways. Champagne and Absinthe FTW!

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Oct 2008
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I'm drinking my Dead Guy clone..Listening to Social D!
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Old 01-10-2009, 10:38 PM   #1410

Morland Old Speckled Hen, then onto Fuller's London Pride.

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