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Apr 2010
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Jan 2011
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Originally Posted by SKMO View Post
I bet you like hops and don't even know it. Hops at a minimum balance the sweet unfermentables. Your "non-hoppy" beer that you like probably has some bitterness on the front end you do not appreciate or recognize. Bet your favorite beer would be pretty thick sweet without some hops.

Might be wrong, but .......
Agreed. A beer that's all hop bitterness is a bit overboard. It's all about balance.
You Get a wheaty, toasty, malty profile and balance that with a huge citrusy floral hop aroma and taste with a leveled bitterness and you've got a world class beer.

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Jan 2011
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I love hops but my girlfriend doesn't. Sometimes I wonder about our food choices, too, and the correlation. She doesn't like spicy food and likes sweet things like soda and candy. I don't eat candy or drink sugary soda and love spicy food and things like salt-and-vinegar potato chips. And I loves me a hoppy beer! (although I do enjoy malty beers, too).

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I love beer. I love hops. I love malty non-hoppy beers. I do not judge you by your IBUs.

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Dec 2009
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I hate IPAs and other over hopped beers.

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My preferences lean towards the malt complexity as well. I do like hoppy beers but when a choice is available I lean towards the malts. My favorite hoppy beers are ones that have a huge malt backbone behind them like Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard.
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I don't mind the taste of hoppy beers per se, but they bother my stomach. Some of the uber-hopped stuff out there now is just way too much though. Gimme stouts, porters, browns, etc. anyday.

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Dec 2010
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I have zero love for IPA's and their ilk... Git yer HOPS outtah my YERD! [bango music playing in the background]...

I do like some hops in my brews, to give it some balance, but I also tend to lean more towards a malty brew. I also like bigger brews... I do understand that having some hops in there helps to balance the brew. I've been going with the lower half of a style's range of IBU's when brewing... Sometimes, I'm barely into the IBU range of a brew. So far, loving what comes out of the bottles.

Give me an IPA, IIPA, and such, and chances are I'll give it away. Or, I'll cook with it...

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Jan 2010
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I'm generally not a fan of hop bombs, although I love Stone's Sublimely Self Righteous. I do like the flavor of many different hops, I just prefer them when used with a little restraint. I'd rather drink Busch Light than Stone Ruination, although that's an extreme example.
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May 2009
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I don't like a hoppy beer either.

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