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I know some people who don't like hops. they're called women.

Ha. just kidding. Everyone has their own tastes. I'm lukewarm on stouts and porters, and love hop bombs.

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DirtyJersey, I am on-board with you. I like mild hops but not a over-hopped beer.

I find Rogue Dead Guy and Dogfish Head Indian Brown not hoppy, while others say both are hopped-up.

I tried the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, that was far over the top. I like the flavor of Lagunitas Brown Shugga but hate the hops. I won't buy that again.

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Everyone has different tastes. I prefer a darker, less hopped stout as well. I may actually try making some beers without hops, using different flavorings instead. We have refridgeration so I'm not really worried about using hops for preservation. But like SKMO said, the bitterness generally balances the sweetness, but some people can use different bittering herbs, spices and such.

Not to say I don't like hops though on occasion.

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My brother calls IPAs "foot beer"... because he thinks they taste like foot.
If everyone liked the same thing, there would only be one kind of beer.

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As a self proclaimed hop head, I must say sir, your post topic disturbs me... anyone in need of hop or hoppy beer disposal, give me a call.

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My girlfriend and I are both hopheads, and sometimes we share a bit of our beer with the girls from her work.

"Oh my god, it tastes like POISON!"

So yeah, not everyone likes hops.
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I loves me some hops but more for flavor and aroma then for bitterness. I prefer to offset the high IBU's with maltiness more than hoppiness.

But that is what I like!

Brewing without hops is a great idea and may produce some awesome brews, good luck!
“I don't drink beer all the time but I can drink (a) beer anytime" - Me

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I like hoppy beer and i'm not a huge fan of malty beer. But its not odd that people lean to one style or another.
I love beer!

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i think "well balanced" is the key. too much of anything is a bad thing.

yes, even hops.

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Love hoppy beers although my palate goes through hop fatigue if I am drinking a 100 IBU IIPA night after night for a while. When this happens I switch styles until the hop craving returns (which it always does). Montanaandy

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