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This is my first time posting here, just wanted to say that I brewed this recipe yesterday and had almost the exact same experience as cottagebrews below! Ha, everything went great yesterday and I pitched the yeast (Wyeast Irish Ale) about 4pm. I used a 6.5 gal carboy so didn't think I'd need a blowoff tube (this is only my second brew, first non-kit recipe). Well, at 7am this morning the airlock was overpowered by the fermentation, but wasn't so clogged that it blew off. As deftly as I could right out of bed I removed the airlock and attached blowoff tube (sanitizing everything as I went). It was happily bubbling and gurgling away as I left for work. Thanks for posting the recipe, I'll try to give an update on my brew as it progresses.


Originally Posted by cottagebrews View Post
Thanks, BigB, that was very helpful. Brew day went off without a hitch, apart from dropping my hydrometer and having to run out to buy another. The "sound of victory" this morning was a bit louder than expected, however: krausen forced its way into my airlock, clogged it, and eventually blew the lid clear off my primary bucket. I was able to rig a blow off tube using part of the airlock and the siphon tubing. Crisis averted for now. Fermentation was active enough that I hopefully won't suffer any serious contamination, but final word on that will have to wait until I bottle in four weeks. Thanks again!

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Just wanted to chime in and say I brewed this recipe about two months ago. I've been drinking it for the past week or so and it's one of my favorite beers I've ever made. It was a hit with my family and neighbors as well!

I followed the recipe as written here except that I had to substitute English Ale yeast for the Yorkshire Square strain. I also took the oats out of the oven about 10-15 minutes early because the burning smell was getting too strong to bear as others have attested! Still came out great!

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This recipe is outstanding! I made my batch exactly as BigB wrote. It is by far the best beer I have made.

I kept my first batch in the primary for 17 days and transferred directly into the keg. I started drinking after only 10 days. Amazing!

Other batches utilized Wyeast #1028 and 1275-- All great match ups. Started another batch yesterday...

Thank you for sharing, BigB!

[SIZE="1"]Serving- Belgian Wit
Secondary- Watermelon Pils
Conditioning- Empty

[COLOR="Red"]Primary- Strawberry Wheat

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