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Have not spent too much over the years. ($AU)
3 barrels $ 140
1 pressure barrel $ 60
Bench Capper $ 45
2 hydrometers $ 30
1 therm $ 10
1 new laundry trough. $35,000 (Had to build a new extension around it!)

Hassle from SHMBO : $TOOBIG

I am just about to go PM for the first time with some grain so here goes the $$$'s


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The only asset that cannot be replaced is time, and I've spent much more time than money on brewing over the last fifteen years....

I cannot think of a better way to spend my time!

(Well, maybe one or two....)

Time now for another stout. -p

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I prefer 23383
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I dont wnt to try and add it all up, but more then I would like to admit
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Beer Weevel
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I started brewing in September of 2006 and have well over $1800.00 but man is this fun!!!! I keep telling myself this is the last piece but i can't stop. Is this an addiction???
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Lets see.
6.5 carboy 26 bucks
5 gal carboy 23 bucks
bucket fermenter "kit" was 40 bucks when I first started. Came with some malt yeast and a capper.
bottles- maybe 20 bucks
5.5 gal. kettle-40 bucks
miscellaneous-50 bucks

Now that I'm going all grain, you can add another 300 for a new brewpot, MT, wort chiller and all the accessories to convert with valve's and thermometers.

All in all around 800 bucks thus far for equipment.
Around 130.00 thus far for ingredient kits.

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I don't want to add it up but probably around the 400-450 range.

I noticed a lot of you guys don't have wort chillers on your list. I consider this almost as essential as a good mash tun.
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Let's see

Original kit ~$50
Original brewpot ~ $65
Misc Equip (hoses, canes spoons, broken hydrometers, spare carboy) ~ $75
17 Cases empty bottles and a carboy ~ $50 (bought from an ex homebrewer friend)
2 - 14g brewpots, mash tun, hlt, 4 carboys, 3 cornies ~ $300 ebay auction
turkey fryer ~ $40
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Default Ah geez...

Originally Posted by Cheesefood
I want to see Yuri's tab. His is probably 86 cents for a 2x4 and a tube of chapstick and the rest he machined out of his own awesomeness.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm afraid my bill is pretty steep...

I'll see if I can add it up, but it'll be tough - I've made countless $1.00 to $25.00 trips to various hardware stores in search of fittings, tubing, fasteners, etc.

First, I'll call the stir plate free - I've sold enough to actually more than cover the cost of one, even at the meager profit I make on them. I'm also not counting the kegerator, as I bought it originally to house commercial beer. It's been nice, though, and it was the reason I started kegging almost immediately.

Starter Kit (a la Ale Pail): $75
Grain bags: $25
9 Gal Stainless Kettle: $80
Better Bottle/Spigot: $35
Pipe/fittings for cool dangling hops bags: $20
24 22 oz'ers: $25
A lot of Grolsch (yes, I'm counting it!): At least $75
Bottle Tree: $30
Two Erlenmeyers: $50
Turbotap for the kegger: $250 (not really worth it, if you're wondering)
CFC: $40
Recirculating pump/motor for the Frankencooler: $50
6 Cornies: $150
DIY Grain Mill: $50-ish
DIY Fermenter: $500-ish (4 more at home waiting to be finished and sold...will probably offset this a bit...which puts my fermenter investment at almost $2,000....not going to add that into the mix here)
20 gallon kettle: $180
Quick disconnect fittings for HERMS: $60
March pump (eBay): $80
DIY HERMS Heat Exchanger: $35
60 qt Cooler Mash Tun Conversion (including false bottom, sparge arm, Brewmometer): $100
Brew Closet raw goods: $100-ish
Space Heater for Brew Closet: $25
A/C Unit for Brew Closet: $50
3 RANCO controllers: $105
Turkey fryer: $40
Natural gas burner to replace turkey fryer: $80
Hardware, tubing, fittings, etc, etc: Easily over $200

I'm not even sure I want to add this up!!! Here goes...


...and I didn't even try to include ingredient costs...

EDIT: Sh!t. I just realized that I spent more on "etc, etc" than a lot of dudes have spent on their entire setup. Perhaps I should start seeking out some bargains...
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boo boo
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Originally Posted by brewman !
The pushers always start with the light stuff. *snicker

The infamous wine starter kit ! *laughs I know how it goes.

"Hey, why am I making silly wines when I could be making great beer ?" So you do the first extract kit and start reading about all grain. And the addiction begins.

Soon you are mashing in the kitchen. Then its in the garage with your first propane burner.

Soon you are making so much beer you don't have time to bottle it. Naturally kegs and CO2 are in order.

Then 5 gallon batches aren't large enough. Magically, keggles appear in your garage...

Next up is a kegerator. Multiple beers on tap, all the time. Then a full on brewstand.

I don't know what happens after that because I am not there yet... I keep having visions of SS conical fermentor, but maybe I need to have another homebrew and think about that.
Holy crap batman, are you hiding at my house?
Well actually, I had the kegerator and kegs before going AG.

Average cost of a pack of smokes................$6
pack a day for a week...............................$42
1 Doz mega swill a week.............................$23

Gave up smoking and gave up buying mega swill.
I'm in the black and I ain't going back, jack.
How do you BBQ an elephant....first you get your elephant....
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Since I started in August, 2005:

6 gal SS pot $50
High pressure burner/stand $30
Propane tank $30
Misc. brewing bits (hoses, siphon, air locks, spoon, brushes, etc.) $75
(2) 6 gal carboys $50
(2) 5 gal carboys $40
Oxygenation kit $30
80 used flippy bottles and 4 plastic cases from Germany (LHBS is next to an Air Force base - they get 'em from the flyboys) $40
Heavy duty metal rack to hold it all $80

1 free fridge (actually cost me a sixer of homebrew)
5 cornies $80
10lb alum CO2 tank, double-regulator valve setup, tubes, and two low-end shanks and standard faucets $190
4 SS shanks plus Perlick faucets (to upgrade the system) $200
2 inline gas splitters, extra gas and beer lines and fittings for more control on serving pressures $75
Beer Gun $80 (was a b-day present, but I woulda bought it anyway)

And 3 half-barrel kegs for a buck a pound at the local scrap yard before SS hit the roof (I subscribe to Brewpastor's thoughts on scrap yards) $95

Total: $1145

If we weren't trying to scrape money together to put our four-year-old in private school, I'd have blown another $500 on metal, pumps, and plumbing for an AG stand by now, too.

So long, and thanks for all the beer...

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Tap 2:
Tap 3:
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