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Jun 2008
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Let's see...

Several years ago, starter kit: $100

A few months ago when I started brewing again:
New kit (everything pretty much needed replaced): $140 (incl. an ingredient kit)

Since then, including shipping but not including ingredients:
MLT (cooler and parts): $65
Keg: $40
Extra carboys: $40
Misc. extras from LHBS like carboy handles, stoppers, etc.: $20
Turkey fryer: $40
Digital scale: $30
Digital thermometer: $20

So, about $400 since I've gotten back into brewing, excluding ingredients. Not so bad, now that I think about it. I thought I'd spent more.

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Old 08-19-2008, 04:00 AM   #112
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Jul 2008
Dürty Soüth, GA
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Starter kit = Notta... Gift from SWMBO (plus one kit)
Brewpots = $42 (three cheap, and I emphasize CHEAP, SS pots from Big Lots)...
Burner = Had one from my days of frying turkeys... W/ propane tank...
Fermentation chiller = $30... Had a spare sheet of Foamular from a house project... Got another sheet, some caulk and sealing tape... Had a spare computer fan with speed control and a 12V power supply lying around...
Kegs = $200 for a used 20# CO2 (full), a brand new 5# CO2, Micromatic regulator, and A LOT of Cornies...
Kegerator in the making = So far, free... Grandma passed away a few months back and I am getting the 50's style Westinghouse fridge that still works like a charm...
'New' keggle - $20 + Free use of plasma cutter... Now to order the drain fittings... Ugh...
Two new Better Bottles = Prolly $60 for the ported w/ racking system and $25 on a non-ported...

I am sure if I keep going I will just start to realize one of the vehicles could have been paid off buy now.... However, I think it is about a wash considering what I was spending at the local beer store per week...

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Special Hops
Jun 2008
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I have no idea.

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Old 08-19-2008, 04:09 AM   #114
Eastside Brewer
Feb 2007
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Okay here it goes, I'm only revealing this because SWMBO bought it all for me.

Sabco all stainless BM = $5,600.00
Sabco 15.5 G fermenter= $750.00
Sabco Chill Wizzard = $649.00 (on sale!!)

This was December of 2006, I refuse to count anything prior to that and to be honest I don't think ingredients count either, but I'm not sure.

Love you SWMBO!!!!!!


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Old 08-19-2008, 04:30 AM   #115
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Jun 2008
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This begs the question, "Does she have a sister?"

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Oct 2007
Lake Elsinore, Ca
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Ok so hear it goes, I am sure there are things that I am missing. I got lucky and started out brewing on some one else rig for the first 3 years. On average we are doing 2 ten gallon batches a brew session and as many as we can. With that said we brew on average once a month. Sometimes twice if we have a lot of party's taking place. I have fallen head over heals with brewing. I am giving brew away just to be able to brew again the next week or month.
  • 8 Corny Kegs and hardware to support @ $180
    6 taps with 4 shanks @ 150 ish
    1 fridge turned into a kegerator @ costed me a kitchen remodel for the wife (but I cant count that)
    Misc hard parts and spares for above mentioned $100
    3 Blichmann Kettles @ $1200
    1 Blichmann wort chiller @ $194
    Steel for home brew stand @ $100
    March Pump @ $118
    Quick Disconnect for all the above mentioned kettles and march-pump @ $120
    Stir Plate that I built @ $16
    Beakers for Stir Plate @ $ 24
    Spin Bars @ $6
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May 2008
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Lol, I'm ghetto fab.

$35 brew pot
$10 two colanders (one is much finer than the other)
$20 igloo cooler
$25 2x2gal walmart water containers, 2x3gal walmart water containers
$25 stoppers, airlocks, autosiphon and a wooden spoon

115 bucks. I do 2.5 gallon batches usually. Secondary into the 2 gallon containers if I need to. I manage to do AG batches and do all the work indoors. I get around 70% efficiency which I consider awesome for stovetop AG.

I just bought a wort chiller for 60 bucks though.. now I'm in the big leagues!

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Old 08-21-2008, 03:43 AM   #118
Half-fast Prattlarian
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Jan 2008
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I'd love to answer you but, if my wife ever saw this thread she'd never let me live it down. I have waaaaaay to much gear considering how short a time I have been brewing.

(Drooling over Brew-Magic & Chill wizard)

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Old 08-21-2008, 03:57 AM   #119
John Beere
Deep Six Brewing Co.
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May 2006
Valdosta, GA
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Originally Posted by John Beere View Post
Ever since I picked brewing back up early last year, I've spent more than I care to share. The funny thing is I'm only about a quarter of the way finished converting my garage into a proper brewery. The walk-in cooler was just phase 1...
Phase II is nearing completion. I have just about everything I will ever need, including enough spare parts and raw ingredients to open a LHBS as the closest shop is over 80 miles away. I have no idea what I have spent but look at it as a serious investment. Who knows where this will lead or how soon you'll start seeing Deep Six at your local quick stop...

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May 2007
Panama City, FL, Florida
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I bought about 400 dollars worth of stuff and was scared to death that I didn't have what i needed, now 2 brews into my home brewing career I've used about 125 bucks worth of the stuff and love the hell out of it. For sure one of those little 100 dollar kits that are sold by the home brew supply shops is all you need to get started, don't be scared like i was at first, just do it.
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