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Hi there,

I started doing some brewing for the first time yesterday with some Cooper's Mexican Cerveza kit. Instead of putting the typical cover on the bucket, I was advised to take a garbage bag and seal the top while my beer brewed. Thats what I did. 24 hours later, went to check my bucket up, took off garbage bag, and stared in horror at light beige patches on top of the beer. Is this normal?! Can bacteria infest my beer in so little time? Or am I mistaken and everything is normal? The garbage bag may have been in contact with the beer while it brewed.

Please help!!

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Well, having a foamy top as the beer ferments is normal, but your methods leave little to be desired. Whoever told you to do that - don't take any more brewing advise from them.

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Yeah, what RJD2 said. The white foamy stuff is the yeast doing their job. But using a trash bag? I'd be worried in general.
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The garbage bag wasn't used, was it?

It was common place back in the day to use something inflatable, usually latex or rubber, as an indication of fermentation. You're much better off just using an airlock and a hydrometer.
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Originally Posted by dom3333
Instead of putting the typical cover on the bucket, I was advised to take a garbage bag and seal the top while my beer brewed.
I second the call to never take advice from that person again. Put a lid on it, and then put an airlock in the lid, and then put water in the airlock. No air can get in, and all the CO2 still gets out. Everybody wins!
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