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I gotta try a few of these! maybe a dip in some pancake or corndog batter, all in one breakfast!

I just made a few of my smoked and deviled scotch eggs a couple weeks ago, I always get a bit sad when I eat the last one.
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Very cool.
- Andrew

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Originally Posted by dataz722 View Post
The equipment you use will make no difference on the time. There is no way possible that you are boiling at 400 degrees unless whatever you are doing it in can hold pressure in excess of 5000 psi.
I didn't mean to imply that I could boil water at 400 degrees, but the water does behave differently.

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Scottish eggs are so amazingly good! Especially for breakfast with a nice big stout
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Cooking with beer? Been doing it for years.
Add it to the food? I'll have to try it sometime.

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Originally Posted by Warped04 View Post
I didn't mean to imply that I could boil water at 400 degrees, but the water does behave differently.
No it doesn't. Unless you're changing the pressure, as has been stated earlier in the thread. The *only* difference you have (again unless using a pressure vessel) is that you can pour on so many BTUs that you don't really have to worry about bounce back when adding stuff to the pot.
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We did a soft poached fried egg on top of a ceasar. It's a travesty considering the type of restaurant I am in, but we did it our way. We used the recipe for egg poaching the momofuko book by david chang (gotta be one of the best chefs out there). We rolled in our in house baked grissini crumbs (basically think of a onion and cheese bread stick) and fried for about 20-30 seconds. Many possibilities now....

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Ive been doing these slow poached eggs momofuku style for our crazy busy brunch service. It was a life saver! We just crack a couple of them into hot water for a minute and serve em up on eggs Benny etc. We do about 200 of them at once in a huge pot and if we have left over I'll deep fry them and put em on a steak. Really good!
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Actually, we use an immersion circulator and cook the eggs at a low, constant, temperature to get eggs where the white is cooked and the yolk is not. Then, you can use your sausage and panko to surround the egg, fry it, and then probably serve with with a whole grain mustard, malt vinegar, and beer vinegarette. I have also done them where you make a sausage round with a biscuit cutter and bulk sausage meat, then use a smaller one to cut out the center, sear on one side, flip, then drop an egg in for sunny side up style. Both give great results.

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