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I'm doind a 16.5 gallon batch of Celebration. Since my water is so hard, I thought it is just as easy to build it. I got my water info from threads here and listening to Steve the SN brewer on their water used. Using EZ I came up with


Alkalinity-59 and RA of -7

Do these numbers look OK?

When I have the values of the additions for the mash I get that part. When it askes about adjusting the mash y/no. If you say yes it puts the same values to go into the boil. Is this correct? I'm treating 13.4 gallons of mash water. Example. for my CaSO4 addition is 14 grams. If treating the sparge water, 13.8 gallons it has 14.2 grams to add to the boil. I've read all evening and some treat sparge, some don't and every answer in between. Do I treat the sparge the same? Just seems like a lot of additions. I don't want to go off the deep end on adding salts.
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If you are using TH's EZ water calculator, then yes, add the amount in grams to the mash, and of you have the boxes check marked for the boil then add that amount to the boil. I have recently started "building" my own water for brewing, and I completely screwed it up the first time. I completely fudged it on my Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Clone...DOH! Anyhow, how it tastes when the primary is finished will depend on whether or not I use the hops to dry hop it.

I have been using Randy Mosher's water profile for APA's & IPA's, with a cut back on the SO4.

This was for a Rye Pale Ale I brewed about 2 weeks ago. FWIW, I attempted a 3 step infusion mash (which worked out okay)I used malted rye, so I wanted to attempt something different for this brewday. I was at the upper limit of my beta-glucan rest 112F (should have been about 95-100), and a little under on my protien-rest (121) which I believe is why I was a little low on my saccharification rest, which should have been 147-148F, my temps ended up at about 146. But that is neither here nor there, I just wanted to tell someoe about my brewday, haha.

Using the EZWaterCalculator, here is what I came up with:

Starting Water (ppm):
Ca: 0
Mg: 0
Na: 2
Cl: 0
SO4: 0
CaCO3: 0

Mash / Sparge Vol (gal): 7.5 / 2.5
RO or distilled %: 100% / 100%

Total Grain (lb): 12.5
Non-Roasted Spec. Grain: 1
Roasted Grain: 0
Beer Color (SRM): 7.7

Adjustments (grams) Mash / Boil Kettle:
CaSO4: 10 / 3.3
CaCl2: 3 / 1
MgSO4: 5.8 / 1.9
NaHCO3: 1.8 / 0.6
NaCl: 0 / 0
CaCO3: 0 / 0
Lactic Acid (ml): 0
Sauermalz (oz): 0

Mash Water / Total water (ppm):
Ca: 109 / 109
Mg: 19 / 19
Na: 17 / 17
Cl: 51 / 51
SO4: 276 / 276
Cl to SO4 Ratio: 0.18 / 0.18

Alkalinity (CaCO3): 38
RA: -51
Estimated pH: 5.43

I also added 5.2 buffer to the mash since my pH was a bit high, I don't know if it was necessary, but it is what I did.
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