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(oh, I see how this goes) -- i meant more trash talking about brewing skills but still, LOL.

Ferm @ my house temps, ~60 degrees; w/ dry Notty yeast.

Crisp Maris Otter;
Briess 60 crystal [didn't know about Simpson's Medium Crystal-- good call Brian];
Crisp Chocolate Malt.
UK Fuggle pellets, 3.6% AA.
no water adds.

all from brewmasters warehouse.

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Notty is almost "too" clean for milds. No diacetyl either.

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If you really want to cheat, use caramel malt instead of crystal. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... they are the same thing, says so here:

I can't find the link but one maltser's site claimed crystal is more astringent than caramel malt. I was kind of taken by surprise when I read that.

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I'm no atheist scientist, but...
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wait, water is the main component in beer, so everyone has to use the same water....right??

i bet changes in water profiles will have more of an impact in this beer than subbing goldings.

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Originally Posted by AnOldUR View Post
This from the guy who wrote.Sure sounded like, "play by my rules or get out of the thread."Well, when you obsess over minor details that are not relevant to the final result . . .

Things like subbing yeast, changing the ratio of base grain to crystal, or going with, say a citrusy American Hop would effect the results your looking for. If we stick to BJCP style guidelines and the intent of the original recipe, comparing results will be valid at showing the differences in brewing technique. MHO

Can I take back the part where I said "before I leave?"
This is too much fun.
Keep it up and I'm gonna go over and add an extra ingredient to yours while you're at work. Thing is.... the judges will just assume you're using a "catty" hop.

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Maris Otter (The kind my LHBS had in stock)
Crystal 60L (The kind my LHBS had in stock)
Chocolate Malt (The kind my LHBS had in stock)
Fuggles (pellet) 4.00%

Grains crushed by my LHBS.
100% yummy Michigan tap water from the Great Lakes

10 day ferment at current basement ambient temps (~60)
Bottle primed.

How's that for not taking things too seriously?

Brewing today. Looking forward to comparing results.

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Don't knock the goat scrotum till you've tried it.

Masstoberfest 2016 Saturday October 1, 2016 info can be found here.

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Nov 2009
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Please tell me you are still talking about beer.......

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Between the cold ambient temps and the small volume of the mash, my mash temp came in at 154! WTF?! Never had one off by so much before. Anyway added some boiling water to get it up to 158 but My wort will probably be more fermentable than intended. I'm predicting a FV of 1.010 but we'll see.
I'm too lazy and have too many beers going to keep updating this!

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Brewpub coming soon!
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Crisp Maris Otter
American Chocolate malt (what I had on hand)
conditioned and milled at .028"
3.6% pellet Fuggles
mashed at 156°
Re-hydrated Notty fermented at 67° for 10 days and kegged.
OG 1.040
FG 1.012
3.68% ABV
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