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Oct 2008
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Hey, building my kegerator. The friggin cornstarch thing isn't working for me. I've read enough about these fridges where it seems like I can just trust that if I drill a 2.5" in the center of the plastic top straight down I'll be fine. The freon line is like 7-8" from the back? Um, do I have to go out an buy more cornstarch and some cheap alcohol or can I just do this... I was thinking maybe doing a 2" hole rather than 2.5"... There will only be 2 lines running down there wouldn't it make sense to keep the hole as small as possible anyways? Advice please.

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Jul 2009
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I had good luck with the alcohol and cornstarch method on my Kenmore fridge. I started with a warm fridge and painted the "slurry" on the top (my model did not have a plastic top on it). After I turned it on, I started brushing the mixture. It was real obvious when it began to dry, there was a line about 7" from the rear where the mixture dried and brushed right off.

Btw, this will only work if you are working right on the metal top of the fridge, did you remove the plastic top?

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There have been PLENTY of posts regarding this fridge...drill her right down the middle and you'll be fine...likely...(he said covering his @$$)...I just did a 4912 myself with a 3" hole with no issues. Good luck.

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May 2007
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I'm not sure I'd trust that the freon lines are in the exact same position from unit to unit within the same model line. If the cornstarch thing doesn't work for ya, you can always drill from the inside. Use a hole saw to cut just enough to pop through the plastic liner. This will expose the foam insulation, which you can chip away with a flat head screwdriver to probe for lines. If you don't find any then drill though the outside casing. If you do, move to free location based on what you find. Either way, you save yourself the potential for a costly mistake and a useless fridge.
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First- How old is the 4912?

Second- How about taking a little more time and try the cornstarch method.
If anything atleast you could take advice from ebeer and try his method. But watch the pilot bit for the holesaw. Depending on what brand of holesaw you can use it will depend on the depth the pilot hole that will be drilled.

I have a 4912 that is about 5 years old. I didn't use the cornstarch method. But I slowly drilled from the "top" using a holesaw (center of fridge top) and didn't hit any freon lines. My advice is to go slow and use whatever method makes you feel comfortable. If going from the inside will work, or from going from outside. It will depend on how you feel about it. Sometimes you just gotta try and see what develops. I hope this can help ya!

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I could feel the heat coming from the line and marked it that way. It was fairly obvious. IIRC, it was about 6-7" from the rear of the fridge.

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