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Sep 2010
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I just got my water report back from Ward Labs. I knew I had very hard water and it showed in the report.

Can I get suggestions on what types of beer would shine with this water and what types of beer would suffer? Thanks!

pH: 6.9
Sodium: 19 ppm
Potassium: 3 ppm
Calcium: 74 ppm
Magnesium: 15 ppm
Total Hardness (CaCO3): 248
Nitrate: 2.6 (SAFE)
Sulfate (SO4-S): 8
Chloride: 62
Carbonate: <1
Bicarbonate: 188
Total Alkalinity: 154

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Your water is less alkaline than mine. I found that I have to use a mixture of purchased RO water with my tap water to reduce the alkalinity. The only beer I make with straight tap water is my oatmeal stout!
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It's hard but not that hard. The problem is that it is so alkaline. WRT to hardness and alkalinity it somewhat resembles some of the water reports for London so you might suppose that it would be suitable for ales, porters and stouts and indeed it should be. You could also soften (decarbonate) it with heat or lime or dilute it with RO or DI water in order to lower the alkalinity (and everyhing else as well). You could also decarbonate with sulfuric or hydrochloric acids (food grade) especially the former as sulfate is quite low.

Untreated this water would not be suitable of pale beers (unless acid supplementation is made) nor for soft water beers such as helles or pils.

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BrewThruYou... are you in Ambler, PA? If so, thanks for posting this! The borough's water report is lacking.

Yooper... where do you buy RO water? I haven't been able to find any. I'm sure we don't have the same stores here... but any info on where to start looking would be appreciated.

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Feb 2011
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Yooper, what ratio of RO to tap water do you use for dilution?

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Originally Posted by JDH1007 View Post
BrewThruYou... are you in Ambler, PA? If so, thanks for posting this! The borough's water report is lacking.
Yes, I'm in Ambler, PA. I got my water tested because my 3 month old $100 coffeemaker started making terrible coffee (minerals on the metal parts), my plastic drainboard by my sink was coated in mineral crap (starsan, vinegar wouldn't dissolve it), etc. I used tons of vinegar clean cycles on the coffee maker and it's fine now. I just use spring water for coffee now.

My first few batches of homebrew, I used maybe 50% distilled because I was so afraid of this water. Lately, I've been doing zero distilled because I got tired of buying it.

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Oct 2010
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Any idea if I'm getting the same water as you?

Is my quality report, but it doesn't have mineral contents listed.

I'm in Radnor, Delware county. It lists ambler in the same area, but I don't know if we technically get the same water.

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