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"Oskar Blues will change the name of one of its four year-round beers after the Tennessee-based Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group threatened to sue the Colorado company for trademark infringement, says Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis"



Full story here.

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Apr 2009
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I've never been a big fan of Gordon Biersch and this kind of bullsh!t makes me care even less for them. I'm glad Oscar Blues is embracing the change and using it for a positive spin.

Oscar Blues - Class act
Gordon Biersch - Class Hack
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I probably would have sent Gordon Biersch a cease and desist (I realize GB predates OB by about a decade, I'm just a smartass). I thought the restaurant group and brewery were separate entities, if so I wonder how the brewery feels about this?

I've never had a Gordon Biersch beer and definitely won't have one now nor eat at the restaurant. Oskar Blues makes some really good beers though and I love that they come in cans. Dale's Pale Ale is probably my favorite Pale Ale.

The irony is that any 'mistaken identity' would probably favor Gordon Biersch and be a detriment to Oskar Blues.
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This is odd, I just ate at a Gordon Biersch. That being said, all I could think about when I was there was the fact that this "Brewpub" was a little too upscale for me and the beer wasn't that good.

After seeing this I will never go to one of their establishments ever again.

Besides how could you not love a brewery that has a beer named Ten Fidy
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Jan 2011
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Went to the one in AZ all the time for their "Alt" beer... it was damn good. Other than that.. OVER PRICED!!!

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Dec 2006
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Well, I guess I am done going to Gordon Biersch (only been twice) and RockBottom's, Boo to craftworks.

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Between this and their recent handling of Rock Bottom, Gordon Biersch is making QUITE the name for themselves. Hmm, is any publicity REALLY good publicity?!?!
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Dec 2010
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That seems pretty lame of Gordon Biersh to due such a thing.

On the linked article someone had E-Mailed them complaining, and got this response:

"I understand your consternation over the information you probably received from the two blog postings linked to below. Let me assure you that, as is often the case with the internet, they are relatively devoid of facts and context.


While it is true that Dan Gordon, an original founder of Gordon Biersch, has asked Oskar Blues to change the name of the beer "Gordon" it is a little more involved than the Beer Advocate posting would imply. Oscar Blues came out with a single beer named "Gordon," in memory of the late brewer Gordon Knight, in 2002. Dan Gordon has been producing German Lagers and Hefeweizen with the name Gordon Biersch on the label since 1988. Dan asked Oskar Blues to change their beer name to "Knight" or some other moniker that consumers would not confuse with his beer for years. They had settled on a verbal agreement that Oskar Blues would not sell the brand "Gordon" in states where Gordon Biersch is distributed, which did not include Oskar Blues' home state of Colorado.
Oskar Blues did not hold up their end of the bargain and that is why legal action was taken.

Please keep in mind that all businesses have the right and obligation to protect their trademarks. We have received cease and desist letters over the years for beer names such as "SummerFest" and have always complied out of respect for our brewing brethren, if in fact they had the name before us. This includes the most respected craft breweries in the country, there is no resentment, it is simply good business.

I implore you to keep on open mind about what "Craft Beer" is and who defines it. We have 68 hard working brewers whose livelihoods and families depend on the wisdom of beer connoisseurs such as yourself not to let be led astray by the self appointed "experts." Like beer, information is best when it is obtained fresh at its source. So let bloggers chatter all they want; we will continue making some of the best beer you can find on the planet in hopes that you will appreciate imbibing it as much as we appreciate your patronage.


Kelly Wilson
Director of Marketing - Brewery Restaurant Group and Specialty Concepts CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc."

Oh, I see, Oskar Blues is the bad guy in all this. I don't really understand, wouldn't the entire "Gordon Biersch" name be trademarked, not just the word "Gordon"

Considering quite a few breweries use the word "brewing" or "brewery" in their name wouldn't that mean everybody but the first person to name themselves "XX Brewing" is also infringing on the trademark of someone else?

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Old 01-14-2011, 09:02 PM   #9
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Jul 2008
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I didn't even know this:

"Gordon, the Oskar Blues beer, is named for Gordon Knight, a fire-fighting helicopter pilot and brewer who helped create the Twisted Pine, Wolf Tongue and Estes Park breweries in the early 1990s. Knight was killed in 2002 when the helicopter he was using to drop water on a fire near Lyons crashed."

That makes Gordon Biersch come across even worse.

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Good post Wayne.....

One off topic item that I would like to point out to those that may not know or don't have access to Oscar Blues beers......look at the back of a can, or the can design above, at the "screen" between "ball" and "OB". That always makes me laugh!

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