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After losing yet another job I have decided (finally) to go back to school.I will be entering the mechatronics program at the local community college and have considered pursueing this career upon graduation. I have read alot about the profession lately but haven't talked to anybody who knows much about it. So, are there any HBT'ers out there that do this or know someone who does? Most of the info I have found is from companies and colleges that have a vested interest in this so obviously they all act like it's the best thing since sliced bread and I would like some info that isn't so biased.

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Mechatronics, as a whole, is an excellent field to pursue. Can't speak much as to the wind turbine industry, but from what I understand as I currently pursue internships/jobs as my college career comes to a close, you should be able to be easily placed in industry somewhere.

As far as wind energy goes, there are very few credible arguments that can say that renewable energy is not the future. Offshore and land based wind farms are being researched in many locations and, barring any massive breakthroughs in other renewable energy sources, the is great room for industry expansion in wind turbines.
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I definitely don't have technical knowledge on the matter, but my friend in Iowa's dad is big in the state wide power commission (or whatever they call it), and he has always said that in the midwest, this is the best industry to get into. His job is to scout locations for turbines and then negotiate with farmers for the leases on their land. Farmers get big money to lease their land for the turbines and still get to farm around them.

Plus, I can tell you that on the east coast, wind farm development is a coming boom. They just approved a farm off the coast of NJ that is supposed to be built around 2015 which would provide power for NYC. It's supposed to create a ton of jobs.
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