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I really love aroma of the hops. Heck, I will put my darn face right in the steam coming off the brew kettle and try to inhale all the steam with all the fine aroma of the hops. BUT, I love having a beer or two with my wife and I don't want her running for water to rinse her mouth 'cause the IPA is a gazillion IBUs.

Do you have any suggestions for a good partial mash recipe that can make my nose tingle without striping enamel off my teeth?

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I'd just do a good pale ale and dry hop the heck out of it.

Thanks for the input

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If I were you I'd look through the recipes section for an IPA or Pale Ale with about 45 IBU. Add an extra ounce of your favorite hops to the kettle at flameout, then dryhop it with another 2 ounces.

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or move the 60 min. to 45 min, or 30 min. this will be less bitter.

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I just put together my first recipe with essentially the same goal, except as a Pale Ale. I posted it in the recipe section. With some suggestions I tweaked it, so look at the recipe toward the end of the thread. I haven't made it yet, so I have no idea if it's any good. Well, to make it easier, here's the post.

No idea if it's good. And I did change (at the last second) the 2-row to 1 1/2 lbs.

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I've been kind of curious about the Hop Aroma tablets that I've seen a few times in the Williams Brewing catalog. Theyre supposed to add aroma without the IBU's. Maybe its gimmiky, maybe it works. I dunno.. They're made from hops apparently.

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Not too hoppy for me, please. Why not just go ahead and bottle her half then hop the rest to your heart's content? Same beer, you can both enjoy what you like. Win/win

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You probably don't want the recipe for the black IPA I have. Its around 117 IBUs.

Just look for a recipe, like trigger said, that has something in the 45-50 range, or you could do what buzzkill said and just move the hop additions back. Boil 1/2 of what it calls for at 60 minutes and bump the rest back, ie, 45 minute addition gets added at 30, etc... Also, use hops that are a little lower in AA%. Try to stay away from ones over 10%.

If it were me, I'd look for a Pale Ale recipe since the IPA ones are going to be more bitter as a whole.

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I LOVE my DFH 60 minute clone. It's pretty low in IBUs, but big in hop flavor and aroma. Even my non-hoppy beer loving friend likes it, because the simcoe and amarillo hops are grapefruity and not bitter at all. She still prefers Land Shark or some such beer, but will drink that IPA all day long if I have it on tap.
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you could give hop-bursting a try as well:

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