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My girlfriend got me a True Brew kit for Xmas this year. Although I don't buy them myself, they make great gifts....I treat them as a set of mixed raw ingredients and an excuse to experiment. However, this one has me a little unsure. The box was labeled "German Style Dark All Grain" (which was mis-labeled, as it was a "German Style Dark" extract kit inside).

The kit contained:
3.3# Munton's Dark HOPPED LME (50-60 EBC, 45-55 EBU, 80-82% solids)
(East Anglian barley and English hops) [UK]
2# Munton's Dark DME (22 Lovi, 57 EBC) [UK]
6oz Munton's crushed Crystal (2-row barley, color not on label) [UK]
1oz UK First Gold pellets @ 7.30% Alpha
1pkg Danstar Nottingham dry yeast [Austria]

The instructions note a 20-30 steep in 1-1.5 gal., followed by a 20-30 minute boil, calls for a 1-week ferment and a 3-week bottle aging.

I'm rather put off by the hopped LME....I've never bothered with it (as I always tweak my recipes) and am not sure how large an impact that's going to have.

But more importantly, for the life of me I can't determine which BJCP category this should fall into! The darkness intended does not seem to make sense with the light body (OG=1.043-1.045, FG=1.010-1.012, HBU=13.0, according to the instructions). Further, with both the hops in the LME and the additional pellets, the resulting HBUs should be well over 13, so I'm not sure how they intended to meet their own numbers. .......and this really doesn't sound like it'll taste very German to me (no wheat, no rye, all English ingredients....)

I'm pretty darn sure that I don't want to make it as listed....but really need some help determining what base category this is so that I have a style to adhere to as I build my own recipe on this stuff....any ideas?

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Brown Porter, maybe?
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I'd go with dry stout.

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It's difficult to tell with that hopped extract but putting the other ingredients into Beer Smith, based on the gravity, alcohol and color and by the English hops it looks like a Northern English Brown Ale (11C), the German label notwithstanding.

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Old 06-02-2011, 09:38 PM   #5
Aug 2010
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Well, for those interested in the results, I'm still not sure what BJCP category it should be (leaning towards 23a). Since the kit used the hopped extract (something that I never intended to use in brewing), I didn't really bother to record my brew day or fermentation notes - just figured I'd brew it up and see what I got (I tweaked a little bit here and there).

The end result has been titled Dunkelglatt (German words for Dark and Smooth). Extremely tasty, very sessionable (no idea on final ABV or IBUs), and it does have a flavor that is more reminiscent of the German ales that I've had than anything else.

Now I'm kicking myself for not taking better notes so I can replicate it without the f***ing hopped LME!!!

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