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Hi everyone,

I did a thread seach yesterday and found a thread that died out in 2008 so i desided to start my own. Anyways I want to try my hand at brewing beer now and malt liquor is my favorite kind, colt .45 being the best. Now i saw on that old thread where the guy was given some crap for brewing malt liquor at home and that its a waste of money to brew it at home: To which I say, I like the way cheap beer tastes and i want to make beer i like, it may not appeal to all of you but everyone is entitled to a opinion.

With that being said I am looking for a recipe that will make me something compareable to colt .45, not aimming for exact since making a unique taste is half the adventure, right? Also what kind of materials are needed to brew beer? All I have at the moment is a pressure cooker and some small copper tubing that i used to make one batch of potato vodka with (yes i know it illegal, it was one batch as a test and it turned out very well), will this do me any good for beer? And what kind of contanier and temprature do you guys recomend for the frementation process?

Thanks in advanced

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Piss in a bottle and cap it. Let it sit in the sun for a week and give it a shake. Wrap in a paper bag and chug that mofo. Just kidding. Check out BigEd's post in this thread . That should get you headed in the right direction. I myself have a weakness for Mickey's hand grenades. :-)

Originally Posted by conpewter
That's why it is best to just steal the kegs from little old ladies after they are passed out from their kegger, that way there is no question on if it is "stolen" or not.

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This thread is a hoax.

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Not trying to be rude by not answering your question, but you are basically asking us to explain the entire process...I think it would be much easier if you just go here:

This will explain it all in the simplest manner.

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Oct 2010
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Lots of corn, a little 2-row, maybe add some dextrose to jump the ABV a bit, then you're good to go. I would guess that would cover off your primary ingredients.

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If you like cheap malt liquor, you're probably going to be better off buying it than trying to reproduce it yourself, unless you're really set on DIY and the process. Depending on the size of your pressure cooker, it may work for brewing. In general you want a pot that can hold 3 or 4 gallons of liquid MINIMUM for a normal size extract batch. Your copper coiling is not needed unless you're going to turn it into an immersion chiller (attach some tubing to both ends and connect it to a sink faucet or garden hose) for cooling your wort. There's no distilling going on in the brewing process, which is why it's not illegal.

If you really want to do this right, you're probably going to need to buy a fairly significant amount of equipment, or do small batches (same amount of work, less end product). That's why I say you'll be better off buying the malt liquor, since you'll be able to buy a LOT of it for the cost of the equipment and ingredients. As said before, read at least the "extract" section of How To Brew on the website linked above and see if this is something you really want to get yourself into.

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Oct 2010
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Originally Posted by Frankfurtvr4 View Post
This thread is a hoax.
No, no its not partner.

To the rest of you thanks for the replies, i realize that it will take a considerable amount of work but as one member said i am loooking for the DIY factor.

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If you are serious about this, you need proper equipment (ie. not a pressure cooker). Read "How to brew" to get the basics done, like everybody and their mother did when they first started, and buy the needed equipment (fermentation vessel, brew pot, etc.).

Malt liquor needs to be mashed or at least needs a partial mash since you cannot steep flaked maize (THE secret ingredient) and expect it to do anything. You'll also need to lager it, so that means a fermentation chamber and a way to lager for extended periods of time. A few weeks in a fridge is the usual method. So not only will you be jumping into home brewing, wich is an adventure in itself (albeit a fun one), but complicating matters further by going AG and having to brew a lager.

I'd wager that you are looking at several hundreds dollars minimum in initial investment to recreate something that can be bought for 2$ and you haven't bought a single pound of 2-row. If you are serious about brewing beer, you can always start with something like a cream ale and up the maize and sugar to bump the gravity in order to get something you will enjoy. But you need to be realistic here: lagers are equipment, labor and cost intensive for most people and are REALLY unforgiving. You need to have your process (sanitation, temp control, pitching rates, etc.) down real good before you start messing with them.

But that doesn't matter since you are 99% trolling and your first post was about potato vodka.

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Nov 2010
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you know funny you say that, i was just for fun looking for recipes yesterday. This was because i make fun of one of my brothers friends every time i see him for drinking OE instead of real beer.

He claims OE is his favorite "beer" or what you want to call it of all time (sad i know) so i thought it would be funny to give him 5 gallons of the crap, if i had the spare cash.

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I've had batches that tasted like malt liquor. That was back before I was able to control fermentation temps. Had a cream ale that went WILD with the fusels (fermented in a room where the temp went up to 80*F), plus I put WAY too much corn sugar in it.

Tasted like a$$, and would give you a bad headache. But, it would also knock your socks off.

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