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Feb 2010
Roseville, CA
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I average about 2 a night during the week. I'll have one with dinner around 5:30 and another once my son goes to sleep around 8. I usually never catch a buzz during the week. On the weekend I may drink up to 4 a day, but usually not more than that.
Drink what you like and share when you can. Support your local breweries.

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Jan 2011
Seattle, WA
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At least 2-3 12oz beers a night, sometimes less sometimes more.

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Jan 2010
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Sooooo.........If I drink 30 on fri/sat nite and maybe a couple on wed. My per/nite average would be like almost a sixer. I kinda like the sound of that. I think i'll go look at my carboy and have a beer.

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Aug 2009
Nova Scotia, Canada
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Originally Posted by BendBrewer View Post
20 oz Pine Martin Pale Ale after work with the crew.
1-2 12 oz Budweisers while shooting pool or pinball at the Tavern closer to home.
4-8 16 oz HomeBrews once home.

Every day.

Yes I am an alcoholic but I am ok with that.

I'm gonna show this post to the SWMBO and tell her im not an alcoholic

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Dec 2010
hughes springs, Texas
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depends who you ask,
the brewer makes the beer, not the equipment
let the beer tell you when it is finished

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Nov 2009
Fremont, CA
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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
I have no idea how much alcohol is in any of my beer. I check OG to see how my mash went, and I typically target the 1.050 to 1.055 range, but I don't ever check FG.
Hmmm that's funny, I do the opposite. Check FG but not usually OG.

I drink 8-12 5-8% beers strictly every other night.

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Feb 2009
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My issue isn't with how much alochol I'm getting but how may calories. If I do more than have 4-8 on the weekends total I lose the battle of the bulge. Currently have 2 beers fermenting and nothing in the keg so will be taking a break for a couple of weeks since I've got a 1/2 marathon coming up and the less weight up the hills the better.
Passion Bucket Brewing Co.

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Jun 2008
The Cold Part of AZ
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Tonight? whisky --- and lots of it...

Life just ain't fair sometimes.....

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Jan 2011
Manchester, CT
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I drink 1-2 a night during the week. The weekends I tend to drink more. I wake up on the weekends and would love to have a homebrew for breakfast. It is so tempting. I fight the urge though and hold of until noon (most of the time).

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Aug 2010
Central NC
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3 - 5 12 oz, either craft, Homebrew or the occasional BMC ( gotta get bottles from somewhere, right ?) on a week/ work night. ( As I post on the third Grolsch of the night as a matter of fact.....)

Friday night, Saturday, Sunday? Hell, who knows? So long as I don't run out, I ain't counting bottles.....

( And yes, serious post, not jokes )

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