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Oct 2009
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Interesting paging through this thread and all of the different consumption amounts, viewpoints, etc. I am currently at 2 glasses per night, pretty much every night. I used to have 3-4 per night but I have put on an extra 20 lbs that I need to/want to shed so I am cutting back on the calories. I don't normally increase my consumption on the weekends. I also normally drink only at dinner with a meal. Can and do go without when the pipeline runs dry. Really miss flavor of the particular beer with the meal that I prepare that night more than the alcohol itself, although it is relaxing.

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Feb 2011
newark, de
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I am mostly a social drinker I guess. Very rarely will i be drinking by myself. That being said when people are around or I am at the bar it's anywhere from 1 beer a night to upwards of 10 on some weekend nights. I would say this happens probably on average four nights a week. Never been much of a day drinker but have been known to cut loose at tailgates and such.

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May 2011
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I design computer hardware from a home office. My commute is about 20 seconds So I can have my first 12 ounce pour at 5pm, usually a fruity Pale. I'll have my second around 5:30, an IPA or an ESB. Around 10:45 I'll have a big chewy imperial sweet stout for dessert. That one usually kicks my ass into bed.

Weekends, especially on "game days", start considerably earlier with commensurately higher consumption...


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Mar 2011
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Originally Posted by EllisTX
In the article "Beer contains high levels of silicon, which is linked to bone health. In a 2009 study at Tufts University and other centers, older men and women who swigged one or two drinks daily had higher bone density, with the greatest benefits found in those who favored beer or wine. However, downing more than two drinks was linked to increased risk for fractures."

Lmao. I guess you are more prone to falling down as you drink more.
That's exactly what I thought when I read that.
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Sep 2011
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Ha! I'm a golf course superintendent, so drinking too much always used to be part of the job. That being said, I think my generation of supers has learned a lot from our predecessors, and most don't drink as much.

If I have beer in the fridge I'll drink 5 or 6 an evening. I'm huge, 6'6", 280 or so, so it has little effect on my mood, demeanor. If it does the wife lets me know.

I'm one of the few of my circle of friends who are settled with a wife and kids. Most of my buddies are still doing the binge drinking a couple nights a week thing. I can't keep up with them anymore when we get together. I miss the partying, but I don't miss the hangover, especially with a 4 year old running around.
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Oct 2011
Portland, Oregon
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I have 1-2 a night, sometimes 3. Mostly beer, Rum/coke zero or whiskey on occasion. Not enough to be a problem for anything other than my waistline.

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Dec 2011
Bangor, UK
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I have several classifications on a "nights" drinking.

1. Lite Week Night = 1 or 2 beers, ~0.5-1 litre / 1-2 pints. Usually 440ml cans or a litre bottle of home brew.
2. Medium Week night = 3 or 4 beers, ~2 litres / 3 pints.
3. Heavy Week night/Lite weekend = 6 beers or 3 litres of homebrew.... and I usually regret it next morning in work.
4. Medium Weekend = 8 beers.
5. Heavy Weekend = 10 or 12 beers, or 8 beers + some wine and/or spirits. Usually generates a full body hangover with all the mod-cons like headache, dehydration, the "runs".

None of those really worry me, what worries me is if I have a chain of Medium or heavy nights and the pyscological effects start to kick in with fuzzy paranoid head.

The UK "healthy limit" is completely unrealistic. I believe it is 4 units for men, 3 for women. A single tin of beer is between 1.5 and 2 units! Who on a night out is going to drink 2 beers and call it a night?

If you add them up over week it's 28 units, I think I drink about 40-45 units at the moment == too much.
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I actually don't drink that much. I brew a whole lot more than I drink. My consumption probably averages a pint a week, maybe less.
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Jan 2012
West Warwick, RI
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I drink at least one or two beers every day, sometimes much more; it all varies according to my work/errand schedule. Usually the first thing I do after getting home from work during the day is crack open a beer to go with lunch. If I expect to be home the rest of the day (doing chores or just sitting around), that could easily turn into 3 or 4 by dinnertime.. more than a sixer if I feel like tying on a good buzz. If I have to be up early in the morning, I try not to have more than 4 drinks in the course of a day. If I have the option to sleep late, I'll buckle down on a few more.

My fiancee and I both work nights during the weekend and usually get out around the same time (between 9 and 11pm); after that one of us picks up the other from work (we share a single car right now) and we head to the local pub at the bottom of the hill near our house. We'll stay till last call or close to it, usually consuming about 2 beers and 3 shots each. I bartend at this same pub as a secondary job on Thursday nights, and my boss has no problem with me having a couple of beers or a shot with customers during my shift, as long as everything's paid for and I'm not getting wasted behind the bar.

On average I'd say I consume about 5 drinks a day, give or take a couple. SWMBO, a little less than me, probably more like 3 a day.

We're still waiting for our first batch of homebrew to carb up, and we hope to start the second batch soon; not sure if that'll change our rate of consumption, but it will most likely mean less trips to the liquor store or bar.

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Jan 2009
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I usually have 1-2 per night for the past few years. It has never affected my weight. It's only improved my health (allergies are gone), I never get sick anymore (not to say I'm immune, but I used to get sick a lot). Eat well, get some exercise, and you'll be fine.

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