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I was flipping through the Williams Brewing Catalog last night while having a few and saw a little inset article titled "Brewing the Williams Way" that summarized All Grain Brewing. Step 1 was to activate yeast whack pack and allow to swell. Step 2 was Boil the hops and grain. Boil the grain, really? How does that work for the enzymes and astringency? I realize that they were trying to provide a simple write up, but I would think that the word boil would want to be avoided since that will surely ruin your mash.

Maybe I have to re-read it sober, but it sure seemed misleading to me. Has anyone seen this?
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Didn't catch it in the recent issue...will have to go back and read through. But, yeah, that doesn't sound right. Although maybe that's the secret to the "William's Way"?
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That aint right. You would end up with wort full of starches and little or no sugar to ferment. Maybe he is talking about partial grain/ extract brewing?

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Yeah either you misread or he was really oversimplifying things. Just dumping your entire grain bill into the kettle and boiling would lead to epic failure.

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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I believe those are supposed to be the simplefied version of how to brew one of their kits. I think ALL of their kits are extract based.
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