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I have my first parti-gyle in primary and was wondering if I should let it ferment for the same typical duration I normally would (approx 3 to 4 weeks)? Or it being a parti-gyle is fermentation shorter?

OG was 1.030.

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I assume these are the second runnings? Probably doesn't bear in on your question, just curious.

Treat it as you would any beer of 1.030 OG. Ferment it until the beer is done - when it's clear, a stable gravity, and tastes good - not when some arbitrary time scale falls empty. It depends on yeast and fermentation temps mostly, with many other individual factors playing in as well. But you can expect a beer that light to be finished a fair bit sooner than heavier beers, all other things being equal. If you play your cards right such a beer could be ready to drink in 10 days, though I wouldn't recommend rushing things so much as that; the beer will suffer.

Let it take what time it will.

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Why would you think it would be different? It's still a beer. And if you leave all your beers in primary for 3-4 weeks like a lot of us, then you treat it the same way you would any other. I leave nearly all my beers in primary for a month, regardless of whether they are partyguiles, extracts, all grain, yadda yadda yadda.....IF it is made of barely, hops, water, yeast, and adjuncts, you treat it how you would trat any beer. If you secondary it you secondary it, if you long primary, you long primary,if you dry hop beers and want to dry hop you dry hop- however your brewing process handles beers is how you handle THIS beer.
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