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Hi there, my wife got me a mini brew conical fermenter for xmas and just tried it out last night. It didnt come with any clamps so i had to buy some at lowes and seems to do the trick. I put a batch of double IPA 1.080 in there last night and thought I would wake up to some action but there is nothing going on there. Could that be due to a very small air leak or is it possible it might take longer, this is my first beer with a high gravity reading.

I'm also wondering a little about the conical fermenter since it did not come with any manual. I understand this takes out the step of transporting it to the secondary, when it comes to that time do I just simple use the bottom valve to discard the waste and then bottle it? or do i bottle it first?

And one last question, I have to dry hop it in the end. how long should i normally dry hop it before i bottle it? Dont want the valves getting clogged up.

Thanks for any help
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A few old threads talk about the disappointment from the Mini Brews not sealing, thereby making airlocks not bubble. Search them for details from the pros...

My Mini-Brew does not have the gasket and I cannot purchase one for my particular older model, so I tried to make my own and make the lid fit luck. I just keep a threaded plug in the lid's port, and use that to peek inside without disturbing the lid, and just trust that the CO2 blanket and the snug lid will handle things like the manufacturer says. No problems so far.

Yes on the bottom valve/no usual need for secondary. I dump any trub remaining from the boil a few hours after pitching, then a quick dump once fermentation begins to settle down, and then maybe one more the day before bottling.

Since brew day, I factored in the volume below the bottling valve (my 15G model has .75G below the port) and planned for an extra .75G to begin with. Even if I sampled a lot or had a mishap in transfer, I've still got that cushion and could bottle from the bottom valve, if need be.

Sorry, don't know about the dry hops. That bottom port is decently sized, and I put on a matching 1/2" ball valve, but I bet I could make it clog. I would consider a loose bag if I ever dry hop.
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