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Jan 2011
Denver, CO
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I'm currently making a Turkish Coffee Stout. I'm already a few days into the primary fermentation and was going to put turkish coffee (i.e. coffee plus cardamom) into the secondary. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how I should go about this. I've heard that cold brewing the coffee is the way to go for making a coffee stout but I'm worried the cardamom taste won't come out if I cold brew it.
I've made a coffee porter before, in which I brewed a couple cups of turkish coffee and put it in at the end of the boil. I even put extra cardamom in but both the coffee and cardamom flavors were very subtle. I would like a stronger turkish coffee flavor in this stout. Any thoughts?

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Dec 2010
Superior, WI
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If you use freshly crushed cardamom, you should be fine. Cardamom has a very potent flavor. As to how much to use, well, that depends on how much you like cardamom. Honestly never made this brew, so i can't be posative. But i make lots of breads and various dishes using cardamom, and the only time the flavor is lacking is if you use crappy old ground cardamom, or some really old and dry cardamom. If it turns into a powder when crushed, its too old.

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Oct 2010
Longmont, Colorado
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I am in the secondary of my first Espresso Porter. I took the advice of an accomplished brewer and added 4 cups of whole bean coffee to the carboy after the initial clearing of the primary. He recommended that I crack, not grind, the beans. I did so and got a great acidic reaction for a few days 'til the beans dropped from their floating position. Prior to the coffee, it was a basic porter with some brown sugar, honey, etc. The smell through the airlock was apparent of sugars, which the yeast was eating up. The cracked, whole bean coffee took a few days to meld, but obviously is doing so, the chemistry worked out great. Highly recommend for next coffee brew...

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